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Glen Eira Physiotherapy Has Solutions for Jaw Pain Sufferers


Carnegie, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- Jaw pain one of the most common conditions affecting patients and it's one that has a myriad of causes. Known as TMJ pain, most individuals miss the initial symptoms and don't realize that effective physiotherapy therapies are available for treating the condition.

A TMJ condition usually begins with a popping or clicking in the jaw when chewing. The area becomes tender, swollen and inflamed in severe cases. It can cause a toothache, pain in the ears and headaches. Pain in the neck region, over the jaw joint and in front of the ear are common symptoms, making it difficult to eat.

Many people live with flare-ups for years, never realizing that physiotherapy therapies can relieve the pain and address the underlying cause. If left untreated, a TMJ condition has the potential to cause deformities of the face. It sometimes results in muscle spasm and can lock the jaw, making it impossible for patients to open or close their mouth.

Most TMJ pain can be traced to nocturnal grinding of the teeth or teeth clenching during the daytime, but few realize they're even doing it. TMJ pain can also be the result of being struck by air bags during an accident, a sports injury and nail biting, along with arthritis, dental work and disc tears.

The specialists at Glen Eira Physiotherapy develop a treatment and rehabilitation plan to address current TMJ pain and help prevent it from returning with specialized home exercises, postural advice and heat therapy. Mobilisation of the joint, therapeutic massage or dry needling may be prescribed to relax the jaw muscles and ease spasm. Pillows and sleeping positions will be recommended that foster proper alignment.

About Glen Eira Physiotherapy
Glen Eira Physiotherapy is one of the foremost authorities on TMJ pain, its treatment and management. Patients with TMJ pain don't have to suffer in silence. Help and pain relief is available with multiple therapies at the clinic to address current TMJ pain and help prevent future occurrences.

Located at 165 Koornang Rd. in Carnegie, the practice can be reached by phone at (03) 9571 2111 or by visiting Glen Eira Physiotherapy online.

Jodi Hendler
Principal Physiotherapist
Glen Eira Physiotherapy
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