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Healthcare Business Group Provides Tools and Strategies for Medical Professionals


North Adelaide, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- Tristan Bond, healthcare business coaching expert and founder of The Healthcare Business Group (HBC), is a premiere resource for medical professionals. He and his firm show clients solutions for success, how to form profitable partnerships, and how to automate their marketing for optimal results.

Bond specializes in business training for all types of healthcare professionals, providing them with the tools and skills to launch and operate a successful practice. His expertise is appropriate for clinicians launching their first practice and individuals with existing clinics that want to improve and enhance their business. Veterinarians, hospitals and dental practices can all benefit.

HBC helps clients develop branding that demonstrates their expertise, attracts ideal patients and creates more referrals. The firm works with clients who want to operate traditional practices and those who desire entry into a niche practice.

Clinicians are constantly faced with a balancing act between acquiring new patients and maintaining the treatment of established clients. HBC provides done-for-you-marketing that's specifically designed to generate new patients with a minimum of effort, leaving practitioners more time to focus on treating patients.

The firm utilizes a variety of methods, techniques and technology that incorporates automation, email marketing, graphic design and a high-profile social media presence to attract potential patients. Streamlined processes, management software and staffing are all areas in which GHC Group can assist clients in improving revenues while significantly reducing clinician stress.

Operating a medical practice requires substantial time and effort that often leaves clinicians exhausted at the end of the day. HBC Group consultants can assist with management and marketing, leadership training and coaching that helps clients reach their goals with alacrity.

Bond provides clinicians with the tools, techniques and strategies to acquire new patients and establish practitioners as experts in their field. HBC Group offers unique solutions and monetization opportunities from one of the preeminent healthcare coaches and firms in the world. Clients have access to group and private practice consulting, a jump start program and succession plan consulting to meet the needs of healthcare professionals at every stage of their career.

The firm can be reached by phone at 1300 998 527, via email with the convenient form on the website, or by visiting HBC Group online.

About Tristan Bond
Tristan Bond is a healthcare business coaching expert and founder of The Healthcare Business Group. He established his first physiotherapy practice at the age of 23 and developed a successful business model tailored to support private practice success. He offers consulting services, intensive training workshops, and established an online business training school for healthcare professionals. He's the author of "7 Steps to Unlimited Patients: How to Build Multi-Million Dollar Practices". He writes and speaks regularly for a variety of professional entities and organizations.

Tristan Bond
The Healthcare Business Group
Phone: 1300 998 527