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Melbourne TMJ Centre Offers Proven Solutions for Jaw Pain Suffers


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- TMJ pain is an affliction that affects millions of people, but few realize that there are effective physiotherapy methods of treating the pain and reducing the potential for future episodes. Melbourne TMJ Centre specializes in the many causes of TMJ pain and offers a variety of proven solutions to remedy the condition.

TMJ pain originates in the jaw joint that allows the mouth to open and close. TMJ pain is much more common than most people would think and can be linked to multiple factors. It can begin suddenly, but typically appears slowly, escalates in severity over time, and most people miss the early symptoms.

One of the first signs is a clicking, popping or grating noise that's felt and heard while chewing. Some individuals experience headaches upon waking, ringing in the ear, or dizziness. TMJ disorder can affect one or both jaw joints with pain and swelling on the side of the face. Patients can have difficulty hearing and the pain can extend into the neck and upper shoulders.

TMJ pain can be traced to a variety of causes that include:

- Arthritis associated with chronic disease
- Extended dental procedures or altered bite
- Trauma and damage from airbags during a vehicle accident
- A sharp blow during sports and recreational activities
- Grinding and clenching the teeth
- Poor posture and/or sleep positions
- Eating hard foods that require extra chewing effort

People with high stress levels often develop TMJ pain and obstructive sleep apnoea has the potential to affect the jaw joints. In the most severe instances, the jaw can lock and prevent the mouth from opening or closing.

Physiotherapy methods can be used as stand-alone treatments or in conjunction with other techniques. A multi-faceted approach may encompass specialized exercises, massage and an oral splint to prevent grinding. CranioSacral manipulation may be employed, along with techniques to reduce stress and education on sleep positions.

About The Melbourne TMJ Centre
The Melbourne TMJ Centre employs multiple methods in the treatment of TMJ disorder to ease pain and reduce the potential of a reoccurrence. TMJ dysfunction is common, but individuals don't have to live in pain with the practice's proven solutions.

Located at 1199 High St. in Armadale, Australia, the practice can be reached by phone at (03) 9824 8868 or by visiting Melbourne TMJ Centre online.

Darron Goralsky
Principle Physiotherapist
Melbourne TMJ Centre
Phone: (03) 9824 8868