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Physiotherapy Centre Bendigo Offers Clinical Pilates for Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation


Bendigo, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- Clinical Pilates classes at Physiotherapy Centre Bendigo are customized to the individual to address injuries, chronic conditions, rehabilitation needs and physical fitness. Clinical Pilates has been proven to promote a sense of well-being, elevate mood and foster restorative sleep.

Clinical Pilates is a specialized form of exercise that's entirely different than what's typically offered at spas and gyms. Both DMA Clinical Pilates and Stott Pilates are offered at the practice. It's conducted under the supervision of a trained and experienced physiotherapist and designed to improve function, movement and quality of life.

The focus with clinical Pilates is gentle movements that foster flexibility, mobility and free movement. It's effective for relieving pain and emphasizes controlled physical movements, breathing coordination, and flowing movements. Clinical Pilates is appropriate for all ages and levels of physical ability. A customized exercise plan is developed for each individual that accommodates their skill level, along with current and past injuries.

The movements of clinical Pilates build strength and stability in the core and pelvic floor that's helpful in preventing falls and injuries. Many world-class athletes incorporate it into their training routines to enhance their performance and reduce the potential for injury. It's safe for pregnant women and helps alleviate pain and stress associated with breastfeeding.

Individuals who participate in clinical Pilates are more aware of their body and it's location in time and space, relative to other objects. That awareness helps reduce fall and injury risk through developing greater stability. Clinical Pilates plays an important role in rehabilitation after injuries or surgical interventions. It's an effective means of addressing joint and spinal dysfunction, and pain in the back, neck and shoulder.

Individual and group sessions are available at the practice, depending upon the specific needs of the patient. Clinical Pilates increases coordination and aids in restoring normal movement patterns. Another benefit of exercise is a flatter, firmer stomach and increased muscle control. The gentle exercise is particularly beneficial for those with chronic joint dysfunction and degenerative conditions.

About Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates at Physiotherapy Centre Bendigo provides an effective therapeutic exercise to address multiple injuries, conditions and dysfunction. The gentle exercise is tailored to the individual's ability and injury to rehabilitate, while providing the means to improve movement, maintain motion, and elevate mood.

For more information, call 03 5442 4044 or visit Physiotherapy Centre Bendigo online.

Ruth Norris
Lead Physiotherapist
Physiotherapy Centre Bendigo
Phone: 03 5442 4044