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New Teeth Whitening System Promises Ultimate Solution to Improving Smiles


Mont-sur-Rolle, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- While there are many so-called "solutions" for those seeking whiter teeth, Swiss startup Buschor Consulting has discovered a new method that is scientifically proven to whiten teeth safely, conveniently and most important of all, affordably.

How Swiss White Teeth works is by emitting high intensity light packed with diodes that contain bleaching properties. The benefit of the Swiss White Teeth over other so-called teeth whiteners though, is that by emitting the light regularly, the patient sees results much faster than other methods.

"For as long as I can remember, I've been watching the same advertisements and sales pitches to those seeking whiter teeth," Julien Scherer, CEO of Buschor Consulting, says. "We knew it was possible to attain whiter teeth, but we were astonished at how few options there are that actually work, even as the years have gone by and medical practices continue to improve. With our product, we're jumping way ahead of the curve by giving consumers a scientifically researched method for earning the brightest smile possible."

The high intensity light emitted by the Swiss White Teeth unit blasts teeth with a bleaching substance that penetrates enamel and attacks stains and discoloration much faster than gels, bleaches, or other medical treatments.

"Having a state-of-the-art yet affordable option for teeth whitening system is a great investment for any home, dental establishment or family."

The entire system is also computer controlled, so users never have to worry about over or under-exposure. The unit features a large, easy-to-read display with touch-buttons for easy operation. The unit's microcomputer tracks progress via a USB port, making it not just the most dependable method for teeth whitening, but also nearly effortless.

Capable of being mounted to an independent, wheeled stand or a dental or chair unit, the whitening device is capable of being used anytime, anywhere, by professional dentists or from the privacy of one's home.

"Our mission was to create a teeth whitening solution that could be used by anyone," Scherer says, "so that meant we also needed to build a device that was just as affordable as it was effective, and I'm very proud of the Swiss White Teeth."

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