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Rates and Rental Surveyors Offers Businesses a New Way to Claim Back Non Domestic Rates Revaluation

Rates and Rental Surveyors offer businesses a way to reduce their rent and rates, and now can even help people claim back in unfair hikes in the 2010 rates revaluation.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2015 -- Businesses are able to claim no small amount of incentives back from the government in order to keep them in good working order. That said, the rules for business rates and rents change frequently, and many businesses are left short-changed by not keeping pace with the changes. These include business rates relief and rent review which, undertaken by experts, can yield significant savings. Rates and Rental Surveyors offer these services throughout the UK, and they have introduced a new service to get businesses refunded on overpaid rates.

The Rating Appeal will be made in writing and include photographic evidence and architectural measurements which will be submitted to the Valuation Office Agency. Together with information on specific cases, the VOA will be confronted by a small library of Tribunal precedents and comparable settlements, designed to ensure Rates and Rental Surveyors secure the lowest revised assessment.

Once this process has been completed businesses can actually claim a refund to the amount by which they have been overpaying for their rates since 2010. This money can provide a significant cash injection to companies which can be better put to use on moving the company forward.

A spokesperson for Rates and Rental Surveyors explained, "We offer lease and rents analysis, negotiation and more, but this service should really get qualifying businesses excited, as it amounts to money back on years of overpaid rates bills. This is just one way in which we can make businesses more economically efficient when it comes to their outgoings, and reducing the bottom line in this way can only be good news for businesses of all scales. With such a wide variety of services on offer, we look forward to meeting with new clients to see how much we could save them. These savings leave a legacy that can transform a company's fortunes."

About Rates and Rental Surveyors
Rates and Rental Surveyors are a team of highly experienced Surveyors, specializing in business rates and rent reductions. They have the expertise and knowledge to identify where savings can be made and have an extremely good track record of successful challenging of appeals.

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