The Higher Shop Launches Its E-Commerce Website to Feature Weed Clothing

The Higher Shop, a minimalist Fashion Brand, has launched a new e-commerce site to feature its Chill and Weed clothing range. The Company provides comfort, but edgy clothing centering on fashion and quality.


Paris, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- The Higher Shop is a minimalist Fashion Brand that mainly focuses on merging comfort and style in a unique and eclectic way by producing and selling Chill/Weed clothing that's instantly recognizable for its style and quality.

Today, The Higher Shop, placed on the internet at, has released a brand new e-commerce site to focus interest on its brand and to provide the teenagers and youths an opportunity to purchase made-to-order Weed and Chill clothing manufactured in the United States.

The fashion thesis for The Higher Shop is one of post-modern minimalism with the impact of Western tradition lifestyle. This motion combines Avant-street fashion with quality and comfort by mixing style with western-made products that replicate the company's commitment to hard work. Situated in the heart of the fashion capital of France, The Higher Shop is expanding its impact internationally to set fashion trends and embrace the common people to promote this excellent brand.

Now, pre-orders are also accessible to the public through their easy-navigable e-commerce website. Their fashion clothing range includes chill style, weed style, Galaxy style, Aztec style and Mystic design. Not just wholesale buyers, but also individual customers will have the opportunity to order straight through their website for clothing of any size. Every bit was created to purchase in Paris and ship straight to the customer doorsteps, ensuring standard quality in every product. Offering crew shirts, galaxy sweatshirts, t-shirts and sneakers in a variety of colors, styles and prints, each item displays the dim and somber but eclectic and edgy mood of the brand.

To find out more or to see more images of quality weed clothing, visit The Higher Shop Facebook page at

About The Higher Shop
The higher Shop, (, based in Paris, is a leading e-shop mainly of weed clothing, conveying a new method to make online buys through their chill market. They'll be in touch with the very best brands in the world who create the very best weed apparel designs, chill dresses, 3d-print leggings and many more. They also provide cheap galaxy, magical and weed clothing.

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