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Communigator Offers Drip Marketing Automation Services to Customers at Competitive Rates


Godalming, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- Maintaining their name as one of the leading email marketing software providers in the UK, CommuniGator is now presenting their clients with drip marketing automation services. Drip marketing is a digital marketing strategy that enables companies to send emails and messages to their prospective customers over a period of time. The company helps clients to create drip marketing campaigns and send the email in batches of the chosen number. Through its drip marketing services, the company helps clients to create brand awareness that eventually leads to increased sale of their products and services. The company operates in a subtle way and prides itself as a smart marketer that knows exactly how to reach out to prospective customers.

When it comes to email marketing solution providers, CommuniGator is a well-recognized name in the UK. The company assists their clients in delivering effective marketing solutions. The drip marketing service provided by the company is based on industry requirements and helps clients with engaging prospective customers, lead nurturing and building brand loyalty. Besides their drip marketing automation services, the company provides other services including marketing automation, technical consultancy, creative design and build, managed services and much more.

Talking more about CommuniGator's Drip Marketing services, one of their spokespersons stated, "A key part of CommuniGator's marketing automation platform, it allows you to plan out your campaigns in advance, following pre-determined intervals for everyone you send your campaign to. That means each of your customers gets your email at a time that makes sense for them. Best of all, it's fully automated, allowing you to schedule campaigns weeks, months or even years ahead."

About CommuniGator
CommuniGator is the UK's leading B2B marketing automation and email marketing platform. It takes the headache out of lead generation by providing marketers with the tools to design and build emails, send campaigns and then track the results in real-time. Users can integrate the platform with a CRM solution for streamlined audience segmentation and then utilize automation tools to create automated welcome campaigns. You can extend your marketing activities and track your prospects across email activity and website browsing history to build up a complete picture of behaviour and identify their stage in the buying cycle.

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