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ConnecteDevice Introduces Watchip: The World's Smallest Chip to Smart Connect Watches


Basel, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- CONNECTEDEVICE - a World-leading maker of no-charge fashionable connected watches - introduces at BaselWorld its connected chip – WatChip – The World's smallest connected chip dedicated to the watch Industry. With a size of only 7.8 x 5.5 x 1.3mm, WatChip ease the work of watch designers by removing most of the dimension constraints.

The WatChip - System-In-Package - component combines Bluetooth Low Energy, with a motion sensor for fitness tracking and a power management processor in one single ultra-small size package.

WatChip works either independently or together with CONNECTEDEVICE's iOS and Android Apps API's that communicate with a cloud based backend for data storage, analytics, supply chain & CRM needs.

Henri-Nicolas OLIVIER, CEO of CONNECTEDEVICE, says: "we put all our expertise and experience acquired during the last 3 years making long battery-life connected watches into the development of this chip to serve the watch Industry with the smallest and best possible component. WatChip allows to bring smart notifications and fitness tracking with super long battery life into watches and wearables."

Ultra-low power

The company believes that while recharges create each time occasions to stop using devices, long battery life is of essence to serve the mainstream market. Early-adopters and techies - for the sake of experimenting new technologies - accepted to recharge their device every day or few days, but removing the hassle of recharge is key for most customers. Building on its know-how, CONNECTEDEVICE releases the WatChip connected chip to serve the OEM market.

WatChip reduces time-to-market, development and certification costs.

While smartphone's OS continuously evolve, CONNECTEDEVICE keep compatibility development up-to-date and remove the need for WatChip's customers to keep a developers team tasked on following interoperability with new OS versions.

WatChip is pre-certified and reduces the costs and time to gain certifications on the Worldwide market

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CONNECTEDEVICE Ltd is a pioneer in the development of an ultra-low power connectivity platform for the watch industry. After refining its technologies over the last three years, the company brings a full connectivity platform that combines hardware, App API's and a cloud based backend for analytics, supply chain intelligence, and CRM. Headquartered in Hong Kong, with European management, the company has offices in Shenzhen, Paris and Seattle.

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