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Game Repair Inc. Announces Weekly YuGiOh Tournaments at Las Vegas Location


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- As a leading company for game console and Xbox 360 repair in Las Vegas, Game Repair Inc. is excited to announce they have started weekly YuGiOh Tournaments. Those interested can visit the store and sign up for a tournament every weekend an hour before the tournament is set to begin. All players who enter will receive a swag bag, and there are prize packages awarded to each winner. The success of their first month hosting tournaments has led to recognition as an official Konami Tournament Store.

To participate in a tournament, buy-ins are $5, but those that bring a friend to join in on the action can sign up free of charge. Sign-ups start at 12 noon as play begins at 1 pm on the day of the tournament. During each tournament, customers and collectors can find unique sales on a variety of products in the store.

When looking for information about an upcoming tournament, and the prizes that are being awarded during each particular tournament, the store has set up a Facebook group for their customers to chat and communicate about YuGiOh. Game Repair Inc. has booster packs, singles, and other collector boxes available for sale, and encourages customers to stop by during all store hours for card trading opportunities with other collectors.

They offer discounted and fixed pricing models for all game console and Las Vegas Xbox 360 repair. Customers who experience issues and glitches with their gaming console will receive a free diagnostic from the professionals to get to the root of the problem. For more information about their tournaments, or to inquire about their video game repair services, please contact Game Repair today.

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Game Repair Inc., originally named Nintendo Repair, opened its business over 20 years ago and has grown into one of the largest game repair operations in the country. The family owned and operated business continues to grow to be the best repair shop in the world by using friendly customer service and premium repair work. The company's service includes repairing various console and controllers, as well as buying and selling new and used games. Striving to be the best repair company, Game Repair Inc. stays up to date with the new systems, researching older style games and systems, as well.

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