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My Credit Focus Introduces Focus 700 Strategy to Help People Proactively Repair Credit Ratings

My Credit Focus is an initiative created by Hoats Law Group to help people repair their credit score in the fastest possible way, and they have introduced the new Focus 700 strategy to make that a reality.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- The economic downturn of 2007 was, at the time, considered the biggest economic meltdown since the Great Depression. Now, it is easy to see why. Some eight years later and many people are still struggling to get their credit rating back to where it should be. To do so requires no small degree of expertise, and in this most ordinary citizens are sadly lacking. My Credit Focus is an initiative created by Hoats Law Group to provide that expertise and proactive support in repairing credit ratings.

My Credit Focus has introduced the Focus 700 Strategy to help people proactively and immediately begin to improve their credit rating in a meaningful way. The Focus 700 strategy identifies spurious or unjustified marks against a credit rating that can be challenged. The strategy has proven so effective that individuals have seen an average of 88% of their negative ratings removed within 4 months.

This offers a transformative opportunity for individuals mired by a bad credit rating and unable to secure the finances they need to get their lives moving forward again. My Credit Focus currently offers two plans employing the strategy, Credit Focus and Credit Focus Plus.

A spokesperson for My Credit Focus explained, "Credit Focus is a competent plan for people who seek to improve their credit rating over time. For those who don't have time to wait, or have a lot of damage needing to be undone, Credit Focus Plus is the answer. The difference with Plus is a multi-tiered approach which attacks on several fronts, using greater resources to yield superior results sooner rather than later. In this way, we are capable of helping everyone, no matter their existing circumstances, to better their credit rating and begin moving on with their lives."

About My Credit Focus
With over 20 years of consumer law practice in California, clients can trust the team at My Credit Focus (powered by Hoats Law Group) to handle cases with the utmost care, competence and efficiency. As consumer advocates, their practice areas include Credit Repair, Abusive Debt Collectors, Identity Theft Resolution, Being Sued by Debt Collectors, Bankruptcy and more.

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