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Elite Health Sells out of Elite Testo After Unprecedented Demand for the Product

Elite Health is redoubling their manufacturing efforts for their popular Elite Testo product after recommendations from regular users saw the latest batch sell out in record time.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- Testosterone is a major building block in the body, and one of the most powerful hormones. It helps develop, heal and build muscle fibres and helps keep the body young and energetic. For weightlifters, athletes, and anyone looking to make dramatic changes to their body, testosterone is an essential component. Elite Health produce a testosterone supplement, called Elite Testo, which aims to aid recovery and maximise lean muscle mass gains. The product has proven so popular that the latest batch has sold out quicker than it can be manufactured, leading Elite Health to double supply numbers for the future.

Elite Testo offer 100% pure testosterone pills in large enough quantities to provide a six week supply. They manage to do this at competitive prices, which is one of the reason they sold out so quickly. The pills have a special coating that prevent degradation of the testosterone in the stomach and ensures maximum absorption in the large intestine.

The testosterone booster has proven so popular because it is scientifically proven and the differences it makes are instantly noticeable. Individuals will see progress rapidly, and plateaus will be swept away as the body is better able to recover and endure more rigorous workouts.

A spokesperson for Elite Health explained, "We've spent years researching the ingredients that go into Elite Testo to come up with a product that delivers outstanding results for any individual looking to increase testosterone. Best of all, our ruthless efficiency and lack of fillers, binders and other chemical agents ensures Elite Testo delivers maximum efficacy for a price that significantly undercuts competitors. The ingredients in Elite Testo are often cited as part of the diet regimes of people looking for fast gains in the gym, including top celebrities."

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Elite Health employ a dedicated team of experts that have developed and tested a select number of health products designed to elevate health and fitness to the elite level. Whether users are working out, competing or simply would like to improve everyday health, Elite Health products will maximise performance. Containing only the highest quality ingredients, all products are manufactured in the UK to GMP standards.

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