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Research Shows Immigrants Aren't Taking Your Job or Driving Down Wages – Aston Brooke Solicitors Comments


Harrow, Middlesex -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- Aston Brooke Solicitors, a team of legal experts who are based in North London and provide a number of immigration law services to clients in and outside the UK, has commented on fresh research which suggests wages haven't fallen and unemployment hasn't risen as a consequence of immigration.

According to research undertaken by the London School of Economics (LSE), immigration has no negative effect on unemployment numbers of wages.

Researchers for the university looked for correlation between immigration share trends and unemployment rates for UK workers in British counties but were unable to find any links. They concluded that there was no notable difference in rises between counties with minimal immigration and counties with a substantial number of immigrants.

The LSE team then looked at the data for new jobs but again found that immigration share was little different to immigration share vs working age population. When they looked at lower-skilled workers, they were still unable to prove correlation.

The authors behind the study explained: "On balance, the evidence on the UK labor market suggests that fears about adverse consequences of rising immigration regularly seen in opinion polls have not, on average, materialized. It is hard to find evidence of much displacement of UK workers or lower wages. Immigrants, especially in recent years, tend to be younger and better educated than the UK-born and less likely to be unemployed.

"Perceptions do not seem to line up with the existing evidence and it is perhaps here that we need to understand more."

Solicitors Aston Brooke often comment on news that is relevant to the services they offer. They believe that more highly educated younger immigrants and highly skilled workers coming into the UK has potentially had a positive effect.

A representative for Aston Brooke said: "Immigration is naturally a hot topic but few would disagree that when it comes to people arriving here who are highly skilled entering the UK, it can have a very beneficial impact on the economy, helping us to take the best and brightest from elsewhere and contribute to making our industries stronger and more internationally competitive. We work with a number of businesses, providing commercial immigration services, and have seen first-hand just how important some immigrants are to business and the economy as a whole."

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