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Engineering Procurement from India – A Convenient Way to Save Money


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2015 -- Unique Source Point (USP) is an engineering components sourcing company from India for international buyers. USP acts as a remote local office for buyers to conduct their activities with various suppliers in India – thereby minimizing the cost of purchase activity, increasing time & investment efficiency and providing substantial convenience for the procurement cycle as a whole.

International purchase: Even though there are numersous suppliers, there remains the classical problem of identifying the most fitting suppliers, working with a totally different culture, typical communication issues, cost & time of traveling or sending the team to supplier destination.

Scope of work
Whether it is an ongoing sourcing activity or a new sourcing activity from India, USP can act on buyer's behalf. Short listing of vendors / potential suppliers

-Verification & qualifying vendors through audits
-Involvement in negotiating contracts / agreements
-Monitoring development & sample approval
-Inspecting & reporting production stages & product quality
-Supplies, logistics and payment follow up
-Arranging vendor visits

USP has developed a healthy network of suppliers in:

-Cast Iron Foundries (Grey Iron, Ductile Iron / Nodular Iron, Alloyed Cast Iron)
-Steel Foundries (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloyed steel, Duplex grades)
-Jolt Squeeze moulding, Shell moulding, High Pressure Moulding, CO2 mould, Resin bonded
-Forge Shops (Drop Hammer / Screw Press, Open / Close die operations)
-Precision Machine Shops (Machining, Sub Assembly and Full Assembly)
-Aluminium & Zinc Casting units (Pressure Die Casting, Gravity Die casting, Sand Casting)
-Sheet metal jobbing units (Steel rolling, Laser cutting, bending, punching, blanking)
-Die and Mould making Pattern / Tool making job shops
-Transmission industry
-Valve industry
-Automotive industry
-Hydraulic and Pneumatic components

About Unique Source Point
Unique Source Point (USP) provides services exactly to fill in these gaps and to ease the sourcing experience of buyers. The main motto is to reduce the cost of sourcing with increased effectiveness.

-More than a decade of experience in this field
-Qualified engineering / management skills
-Sourcing experience with various international clients
-Regular interaction / business with European clients
-Excellent database of highly export oriented suppliers
-First-hand experience in auditing, inspecting
-Vast experience as the external expert for CBI ( – the Dutch government agency for imports