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8 Million Women Suffering from Hair Loss – FUE Hair Clinics Comment


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2015 -- A recent newspaper study into women's hair loss has produced the significant results that an estimated one in three women has thinning hair, and approximately 8 million women in the UK are suffering from hair loss.

With women's hair loss an often under-discussed area, these findings have led experts to emphasize how important it is to get the issue properly addressed. Leading companies' in the field such as FUE hair clinics have also been quick to offer their support.

The study also highlights that female hair loss may be a more significant concern than may be initially envisaged – with one trichologist citing that in some hair clinics, up to 80 of the visitors are women. This shows that hair loss for women is a subject that needs to be addressed and that women should not feel ashamed in seeking advice for. Many women facing hair loss and thinning also face exhausting short-term treatments such as shampoo after shampoo, with some even opting for false hairpieces out of the frustration.

Yet FUE hair clinics, who provide professional hair transplant services to make the most of the individuals own hair, as well as commenting frequently in the field, were keen to show their support to all towho face hair loss.

These statistics show that hair loss can affect women just as acutely as it can effect men," a spokesperson said "Yet what it is important for people to realise is that this is an issue which can be solved for both genders.

"By considering a hair transplant – this is an option which can install natural confidence and is available in a variety of procedures to suit the individual, with a long-last. We hope that the findings of this report will encourage women as well as men to discuss their hair loss and seek constructive solution. This may range from strip hair transplants to unit extraction, though with a hair transplant service, are guaranteed with a lasting, reliable result."

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