Croxsons Is Now Providing Customers with Premium Glass Jars at Affordable Prices


Morden, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2015 -- Maintaining their name as one of the leading bottle manufacturers in UK, Croxsons is now offering its customers a range of premium glass jars at competitive prices. Glass jars are a quality product with a variety of uses – anything from storing food to repurposing as a decorative ornament. The company offers a wide range of designs for glass jars that can be used for various purposes and made to meet customer requirements. On their website, the company has provided details about the individual jars along with photographs, so that customers can decide what to purchase easily.

Croxsons is one of the prominent bottle manufacturers in the UK that is well known for serving its customers with a wide range of high quality products. For optimum customer satisfaction, the company manufactures exquisitely designed and unique glass jars, giving them a product which is truly unique. Besides glass jars, the company stockpiles a wide array of glass products that includes glass bottles such as spirit bottles, beer bottles and much more. The company is also known for the high quality bespoke work that they do for individual clients.

Talking more about their glass bottles, a representative from the company stated, "Croxsons has worked with their supply chain for glass jars for over 20 years, resulting in a relationship that can really benefit our customers. Working with manufacturers such as Noelle + von Campe means that the range of jar designs that we offer to customers is very wide. For those wanting something very special where cost isn't so important, get in touch to find out more about our finest jars. We took the conscious decision not to include them here, otherwise they would quickly lose their premium edge."

About Croxsons
Croxsons is a leading glass bottle, glass jar and closure solutions supplier, supplying the best quality glass packaging for the food and beverage sector, and closures to match, for clients from the smallest start-ups, to the largest multi-national businesses. Croxsons celebrates an amazing 140 years this year. Positioned strategically throughout the UK, Europe and Australasia, Croxsons (& associates) understands what service, quality and being competitively priced means. They also know how to translate that into a packaging solution to meet and exceed the customers' requirements.

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