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Flexispy Software Now Enhances the Usefulness of Android and iOS


Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- Flexispy increases the utility of smart phones by adding to them spying features and monitoring systems. The Flexyspy software is installable into various devices, pretty much all the devices that are powered by Android or iOS. The software is very covert and does not announce its presence. All the user has to do is to take the targeted device and get the software installed in it. Whoever uses the device afterwards is unaware of the presence of software and comes under the radar.

The data of the device at hand gets spied on and related information is sent to the monitoring person regularly through a web portal provided with the device user having no clue about it. Complete control rests with the monitoring person who can change settings according to their requirement. Device is able to take photos and send location related information to the monitor as part of its working capacity. The most notable features that it has are call interceptions, SMS tracker, cell phone GPS tracker, password cracker, call log monitoring and photo and video monitoring. Apart from these there are more than 150 other monitoring services associated with it.

Flexispy for android is very practical as it can be used to spy on spouse as to make sure they do not cheat. The factor of "not knowing", if the spouse is cheating or not gets taken out of the equation. The software helps judging that spouse are cheating by pointing out these observations to the monitor, they rush towards their cell phone when it rings and that they keep the phone mostly in silent or vibration mode. The software also points out if messages get thoroughly deleted soon after their reception and if the phone is kept strictly under passwords and is kept close.

Then flexispy for iPhone can be used to keep a watchful eye on children. It helps parents know exactly what their children are typing on the internet. This software get parents to know about what messages their children are sending and to whom. It also helps the parents to know where their children are at all times and also to get notified about when and what comments they are making on social accounts. Business men and bosses can keep notice of what their employees are doing in case they are afraid them being sneaky. As all employees have smart phone so it is greatly possible that they take unwanted images or transfer secret data to wrong hands. With this software installed in their devices, boss always knows to whom his subordinate is talking. It is also not difficult to download flexispy in target device.

About Flexispy
Flexispy is software that can be downloaded in any device run by iOS and android for spying purposes. The target device does not show a sign of its presence and hence its user remains unaware as data keeps on transmitting to the monitor. Spouse can see if the other half is a cheater, parents can keep an eye on their children and on top of everything employers can manage their employees using the software.

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