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DierXun Offers a Variety of Fans for Different Purposes

DierXun Fan Equipment Co. Ltd is a China based company which specializes in manufacturing and selling ventilators, exhausts fans, fog purifying tower and similar range of products.


Foshan City, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- Ventilator systems and exhausts fans are widely used by various factories and offices. It is a necessity and not an option for the majority. DierXun Fan Equipment Co. Ltd manufactures and supplies similar range of products. It includes centrifugal fan, fibreglass fan, axial fan, fire exhaust fan, roots blower, absorber, gas purification, deodorization device, impeller and more. The manufacturer is based in Foshan of the Pearl River Delta which features developed economy.

DierXun has absorption tower which comes with a wide range of features for the user. It is made up of stainless steel with a working temperature of approximately 40°C. The absorption efficiency of the products is close to 90%. It has a resistance ranging between 400 to 3000 pascals. The speed is 2m per second and air volume is 2000-200000m³/h. The entire product is divided into Inlet, Inlet Damper, SDG box, Air Damper, Drawer slideway, Outlet Damper, Outlet, and Portable Cover. Many customers have invested in the products for a series of uses.

The Chinese manufacturer has a wide range of smoke exhaust fan products for sale. Each of these comes with a different design and size. They have varied set of features in terms of impeller diameter, air volume and total pressure. These products are suitable for office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, theatres, and basement ventilation process. It is also useful in high rise buildings and general factory ventilation purposes. The main parts of the product are casing, motor and impeller.

In the furnace blower category, there are high temperature centrifugal fans in various shape, size, design and weight. Casing, inlet, pedestal, bearing and impeller are the basic structural parts. The product can function in harsh conditions and transports gas with dust. All of these fans come with advanced design, reasonable structure, sophisticated manufacture, reliable operation and stable performance. Impeller diameter, air volume, pressure and working temperature may vary.

DierXun is certified with quality satisfy honour, ISO, AAA, and many more recognitions. The company has a team of expert professionals and technicians for fan making and designing. All of these professionals apply advanced CAD system for assuring an excellent design. DierXun has also set up advanced fan pneumatic performance lab and acid fog purifying tower performance test centre.

DierXun has many customers spread across the globe. Its key applications include chemical, power plant, metallurgical and new energy industry. The company's factory develops fresh and innovative environmental protection products. It has the membership of China chemical anti-corrosion association and Guangdong province environmental protection industry association.

About DierXun Fan Equipment Co. Ltd
DierXun Fan Equipment Co. Ltd is involved in production and distribution of a wide range of fans like centrifugal, fibre glass, axial, fire exhaust and high temperature. Most of its products are suitable for theatres, shopping mall, hotels, office buildings, and basement ventilation purposes. Visit the website for more information on products offered.

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