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Elderwriters: Celebrated Book, Hailed a "Marvelous Opportunity" by Critics, Kick-Starts Baby Boomer Leave-a-Legacy Movement

Sue Barocas’ ‘Elderwriters: Celebrate Your Life! A Guide for Creating Your Own Personal Legacy Document’ guides readers through every step of preserving their family history, fond memories and personal wisdom. Especially geared toward Baby Boomers who now have empowering legacies to preserve, Barocas breaks the project down into a series of short manageable tasks that anyone can complete. The result is a ‘Personal Legacy Document’ – a perfect gift for friends, family and the world at large.


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- While not dwelling on the touchy subject of age, there's no denying that every Baby Boomer has a powerful legacy worth preserving. Thanks to a ground-breaking book that is kick-starting a new movement up and down the country, writing that perfect legacy is now within anyone's reach.

It's all thanks to 'Elderwriters: Celebrate Your Life!: A Guide for Creating Your Own Personal Legacy Document' by Sue Barocas. This wholly-unique guide empowers all seniors to document their life experience, affirm their pasts and prepare for an abundance of opportunities in their later years.

Many have never heard of a 'Personal Legacy Document'; a project that is life-changing far and beyond the realm of its author.


Treasured family stories, fond memories, and personal wisdom are often lost to future generations because we do not routinely compile a written legacy. In "Elderwriters: Celebrate Your Life," author Sue Barocas offers you a new model for legacy writing – the Personal Legacy Document (PLD).

You don't have to be an experienced writer to create a rich trove of short pieces that reflect your thoughts and feelings about what life has meant to you.

In the Elderwriters approach you will explore a wide range of forms – anecdotes, epiphanies, paragraphs and poems, lessons learned, one-liners, lists, essays, letters, and more – to help you collect your thoughts and celebrate your life. There is nothing in the approach that requires or anticipates writing skills beyond those learned in high school. Elderwriters is for the writer in all of us.

Be sure to peruse the table of contents to get a feel for this novel and highly successful approach to personal legacy writing. PLDs average 20-25 pages.

This book is a guide for creating your own personal legacy document. The chapters are sequenced to take you from the beginning stages of personal legacy writing through the printing and preserving of your document. If you follow the prompts and complete the exercises, by the end of Chapter 13 you will have your own PLD to give to friends and family.

Presenting the material as a curriculum not only makes the process more manageable for the individual, but also provides an easy transition for those who wish to facilitate a class or small group.

In addition to practical advice and helpful hints, the guide contains a wealth of sample writings from members of Barocas's classes. This book is the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones. Personal legacy writing should be part of everyone's later years.

Welcome to Creative Personal Legacy Writing!

"A Personal Legacy Document provides the perfect opportunity to capture and preserve a life story and discovered truths," explains Barocas, who has been teaching the concept in New York for many years. "It's about sharing what life has meant to you, for the benefit of others. I guide readers step-by-step from the beginning stages of legacy writing through the planning, writing, organizing, printing, and duplicating of their document."

Continuing, "I have seen, first-hand, the life-changing satisfaction seniors get from both creating and sharing their Personal Legacy Documents. They learn so much about themselves and often uncover empowerment they didn't know existed."

The volume, a USA Book News 2014 Best Books finalist, has proven immensely popular among critics. Sonja Livingston comments, "Sue Barocas is the best kind of teacher. In encouraging tones and organized chapters, she provides a step-by-step guide to help you get started on writing your life, a sliver at a time. If you're eager to share some of your life's stories, but not sure how to get started, Elderwriters: Celebrate Your Life not only points you in the right direction, but helps walk you through the process."

Story Circle Book Reviews adds, "One of the things I enjoyed the most in reading through the book was the contributions by writers who have experimented with their own custom PLDs. Not only are these contributions helpful to the process, they are both witty and poignant, giving the reader some wonderful ideas and encouraging their own writing efforts."

Kathleen K. Karafonda found the volume to be game-changing. She writes, "There are many questions I wish I had asked my parents and grandparents, so I TRIED writing a memoir to pass on to my children. I have used some of that writing to include in my legacy document. Better yet are my creations prompted by Ms. Barocas' book. These are more fun to read. Barocas' keep-it-simple examples provide even the most scrambled ADD brain with plenty of substance and variety to produce a treasure of personal history."

Designed primarily for the individual or small group, 'Elderwriters: Celebrate Your Life!: A Guide for Creating Your Own Personal Legacy Document' is also an excellent resource for the memoirist, personal historian, or life coach.

The book is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1iY67zK

For more information and resources, visit: http://elderwriters.com

About Sue Barocas
Sue Barocas is a retired high school math teacher. In addition to her Elderwriters activities, Sue is a Hospice volunteer for Lifetime Care and a member of the New Horizons Beginning Band. She lives in Rochester, New York. Visit Sue at http://www.elderwriters.com