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Barista Launches Review and Information Site on Espresso Machines, Grinders and Frothers


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2015 -- Professional barista, Fabio Giovanni, has announced the launch of EspressoSage, a new website providing espresso reviews, news and information about espresso machines, coffee grinders and milk frothers. The site provides individuals with information and how-to guides on topics ranging from how to properly froth milk to the finer points of different coffee roasts.

"Buying the best espresso products will be clear as day from now on," said Giovanni. "Most guides and reviews on espresso are low quality. EspressoSage provides super high-quality and in-depth reviews on all avenues in the espresso world."

Coffee lovers and aficionados have a myriad of espresso machines from which to choose. EspressoSage assists with espresso machine reviews to help coffee enthusiasts make informed decisions about the full spectrum of machines needed for home espresso making before they commit to a purchase.

The website explores all facets of espresso products, including how to clean, maintain and use the machines for optimal results. Links are provided to reputable sites with reasonable prices where consumers can purchase the machine of their choice.

EspressoSage is an educational forum in which consumers can learn about the different types of machines needed to create the ideal espresso. Machines are available that employ steam, pumps and air pressure. The site explores manual, automatic and fully automated machines, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Ultimately, the best espresso shots rely on the coffee beans used and the quality, roast and grind of the beans will determine the taste. Visitors to the site will discover the best type of beans to use in home grinders and how different types of roasts will affect the finished products.

Some espresso machines have integrated grinders that can provide significant savings over purchasing the machines separately. Milk is a key component of cappuccinos and lattes, and EspressoSage provides in-depth information on grinders and frothers.

The launch of EspressoSage by Giovanni provides espresso-loving consumers with reviews, information and news on the best espresso machines, grinders and frothers from multiple manufacturers. The multi-media site features videos, tips and secrets from the professional barista to ensure the most flavorful at-home espresso shots, cappuccinos and lattes.

For more information, Giovanni can be reached by visiting EspressoSage online or with the convenient form on the website.

About EspressoSage
EspressoSage focuses on providing the best reviews possible so that consumers have a clear path to information in the world of espresso. There are many bad products and the reviews on the website highlight the great machines and the ones to avoid, and the guides on coffee grinders to pair with espresso machines and how to pull a great espresso shot helps individuals bring out their inner barista.