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Key Ingredient in E-Cigs Found Safe to Inhale

Studies show no adverse effects on lab animals or humans.


Peterborough, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2015 -- Pure E Liquid, the premier British based e-juice distributor, has published lab reports on its website for consumer review. Research and development for the products has been underway since last year, and is now conclusive. Propylene Glycol, a main component of e-juice, has been deemed safe going forward in 2015.

Lingering Concerns Laid to Rest

Pure E Liquid, distributor of the V2 line of premium electronic cigarettes and e-juice vapor products, has made the findings available on its blog. Extensive studies conducted by doctors at the Douglas Smith Foundation for Medical Research, in conjunction with the University of Chicago, discovered that rats and monkeys subjected to air containing vapour from Propylene Glycol, up to saturation point for long periods of time, showed virtually no adverse effects. Even during autopsy, the animals still showed normal blood, kidneys, and liver. Pure E Liquid cautions that the studies used pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol, the same quality that is used in all of Pure E Liquid's e-juices. Not all e-juice manufacturers use pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Different Sources for Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol has been deemed safe for humans as well. It is contained in asthma inhalers, along with many food products including popular baked goods. Propylene Glycol, also known as Propane 1,2-diol, can be synthesized through two distinct chemical pathways: Derived from Propylene Oxide, which renders food grade Propylene Glycol, which when prepared in stringent lab conditions, becomes pharmaceutical grade. It can also be derived from Glycerol, with the final product usually going into bio-diesel, anti-freeze, and other various industrial fluids. The way it is derived from Glycerol is likely where Eliquids get some of their bad reputation, even though Propylene Glycol should never be derived this way for use in Eliquids. Pure E Liquid only uses the Propylene Oxide derivative in its manufacturing process. This is out of strict concern for the health and safety of its customers. Reports have shown that cut-rate e-juice manufacturers, especially those in China, use the industrial grade product. "You get what you pay for, just like with anything else." Said the company spokesman for Pure E Liquid. "Some people see the word organic and think it is all the same. It isn't."

With an increased push for tighter regulations on e-cig products, and organizations such as the World Health Association staying on the sidelines; Pure E Liquid is taking the initiative to safeguard its clientele. With these new findings, they are convinced that their customers will outlive those of their less expensive competitors.

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