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Big Investment in Limestone: London Stone Comment


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2015 -- In light of a £240,000 February investment in top-quality machinery at a North Eastern quarry, experts predict this signals big things for the future of stone use. London Stone, one of the top sellers of natural stone in the UK, have commented.

The quarry of focus in recent news is the Marsden quarry, which supplies large quantities of limestone for construction use both nationally and overseas. And in light of these reports, the efficiency of stone quarrying for a variety of uses could be set to continue, considering the machinery of purchase – the new Trex Finlay 683 screeners. These are a key innovation in stone quarrying and selection technology, not only increasing efficiency but also output – with each model capable of processing up to 1400 tons every day in total. The rise of mew machinery in the mining industry is likely to please many members of the public, in attempting to make the obtaining of natural resources a more sustainable process.

The quarry in question has already seem its weekly production rise by up to 10%, which in turn raises prospects for quality stone output across the UK.

London Stone, specialists in providing high-quality cut stone paving and garden formatting as well as frequent commentators in the market, have been quick to comment on the news: "The introduction of new technology at a major quarry signifies big things for the sustainable use of stone," a spokesperson said, "This highlights that stone is set to remain an attractive as well as relatively attainable option.

"In the light of this new technology, it is especially important to us in providing stone as a product, as means we can ensure a varied supply to our customers. Not only do we provide limestone after all, but an array of choice, from sandstone to slate, as well as an array of forms including steps and contemporary paving."

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