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Up to 72% Have More Faith in Internet Ads: Ranking Solutions Comment


Hapton, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2015 -- Recent research results from the key market body Bright Roll, has shown that 72% of ad agencies believe that online video advertising is equal or more effective than television advertising. Key companies who keep track of movement in online marketing have been quick to respond, including Ranking Solutions.

These positive statistics in light of the growing appeal of internet advertising suggest that online is the way forward for many businesses. People will already be accustomed to rising video content on social media sites such as Facebook and even at the side of web content,with experts urging that more businesses take advantage of this medium in order to immediately attract attention.

The success of digital online campaigns is evident in further statistics from the survey – for example, the largest reason relating to online advertising and marketing was that it allowed for 'completed views'. With increasing numbers of people using the internet worldwide, it provides an ideal medium through which to make business money – online traffic.

Ranking Solutions are specialists in internet marketing services, as well as fluent commentators upon trends within the field. "These Statistics further highlight the exciting possibility of internet marketing" a spokesperson told us. "With the rise of video advertising and the capacity to launch this across interactive social media such as Facebook and twitter, this allows for business awareness to be raised more than ever.

"However, what is important that businesses interested in increasing their status online, have a closely managed means of doing this. After all, the internet is a competitive field and therefore it is essential that seek support in allowing for the best internet marketing, especially through social media. To really be the top of game. As a company, we provide this service and much more to businesses across the country, every day, we take great pride in being part of such an important movement and want to extend our service to a many people as possible. That is why we always strive to offer a fully inclusive service suited to the online age from ad word management, to PPC – it is all important."

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