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Benchmark Lawyers Speaks Mandarin to Help Migrants Obtain Needed Legal Services


Sydney, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2015 -- Migrants born in China make up the third largest overseas-born population in Australia, with the majority of migrants choosing to live in either Melbourne or Sydney. These individuals often find they need legal assistance and Benchmark Lawyers offer this help, as they speak Mandarin, the official language of China's mainland. When Chinese migrants need Lawyers Sydney and don't speak the language fluently, Benchmark Lawyers is the place to turn.

"Although the Department of Social Services reports migrant women from non-English speaking backgrounds tend to seek divorce less than their Australian-born counterparts, marriages can and do fail among this population. One must protect their rights during a divorce, yet this can be hard to do when one doesn't have a good grasp on the language. Having Diworce Lawyers Sydney that speak one's native language becomes of great importance in this situation, and Benchmark Lawyers help Chinese born migrants who wish to divorce," Anthony Liberiou, spokesperson for the law firm, explains.

Individuals marrying across ethnic boundaries tend to divorce more often than those who share a similar cultural background. The problem often lies in their expectations of marriage and how differences ought to be negotiated when an issue arises. This can extend to one's expectation of the divorce also.

Liberiou continues on to say Divorce Lawyers Maroubra sit down with a client to set expectations, so one knows what to anticipate at all stages of the process. Many issues arise during the proceedings, such as financial agreements, property settlements and children's issues. Benchmark Lawyers walks the client through this difficult period, offering guidance while allowing clients to make the financial decisions. Often, the attorneys work to resolve these matters without litigation to reduce the stress and expense associated with a divorce.

In addition to offering services for those planning to divorce or those already divorcing, Benchmark Lawyers offers a range of other services. Individuals in need of a Mandarin speaking attorney find they can turn to this firm when they need a will or a power of attorney drawn up or advice on conveyancing and mortgages. The firm works with those in need of small business assistance or those involved in civil or commercial litigation.

"Contact the firm today via email or telephone to set up a stress free consultation. Highly trained professionals within the firm assist clients in all matters of law. Throughout the years, the firm has achieved numerous high profile wins for businesses and individuals and has gained a reputation for professionalism and success. Clients appreciate the approachable, friendly service also," Liberiou declares.

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