InteriorDesignHunter Launches Professional Online Sourcing Tool for Designers and Homeowners

Interior Design Hunter has created a unique image collection that can direct individuals to purchase the items in the photos, all centered on the niche of interior design for homes and offices.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2015 -- Everyone wants to put their own stamp on their home, and the best way to do this is through interior design, choosing items that express personality. Finding items and inspiration can be difficult for those who don't know where to look. Interior Design Hunter has just created a new website that will be the only place people need to look. Aimed at industry professionals and homeowners, the tool not only allows individuals to see the latest and greatest innovations in interior design, but offers them an immediate means to purchase them.

The website uses an image-heavy format that puts the items first. The mood-board style arrangement allows people to scan the site for inspiration and allows extraordinary products to stand out. At the footer of each image is a small description including information on the designer and the provenance of the item in question.

Every image, from oak pressed black chairs to a table made from a tree cut in half, can then be rolled over with the mouse or tapped on a mobile device to offer purchasing options. Individuals can select whether to buy the item via Wayfair or Amazon, or zoom in on the photo to see it in greater detail. The site thereby creates a simple interface that can fulfill all interior designers' needs.

A spokesperson for Interior Design Hunter explained, "The site aims to provide a constant source of inspiration for our users. By offering a wide variety of different styles and aesthetics, we engage interior designers and homeowners looking to put their stamp on their space in a post-modern exercise, combining elements from different styles and periods. The site is brand new but rapidly expanding, and our team of interior design lovers add new content every day to further the inspiration."

About Interior Design Hunter
Interior Design Hunter is a website dedicated to finding the very best examples of interior design, with cutting edge items created by some of the world's most exciting designers. With a mood-board layout, each item can be bought from Wayfair or Amazon, allowing people to source their interiors in no time at all.

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