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Wendy Purcell Launches New Technology Blog with Editorial on Mobile Tech in 2015

Wendy Purcell is a budding technology blogger who has started up her own web presence, and has gained attention with an editorial on what to expect from mobile technology in the coming year.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2015 -- Technology is evolving more rapidly than many people can keep pace with. By the time people have signed up to a two year contract on their phones, or even bought a new laptop, the product in their hands is out of date. Finding a reliable source to keep ahead of the curve on technology can be difficult. Wendy Purcell is an individual with a passion for technology and the expertise needed to understand the implications of the latest developments. Combine this with a plain-speaking, easy to understand writing style and all the elements are there for one of the most exciting new technology blogs of the year.

Her latest editorial on the blog covers projections for the near future of mobile technology in the back half of 2015. The blog predicts big changes will be coming, so it may be worth users holding off on updating their phones until the latest releases.

The confirmed updates include Android Lollipop, to be used in the latest Nexus and Xperia phones, and rumors of 4K resolution screens for tablets. The most exciting forthcoming technology is undoubtedly the organic LED, which will allow for foldable, bendable screens that will make technology literally and figuratively more flexible than ever.

A spokesperson for the Wendy Purcell Blog explained, "Wendy Purcell is singularly dedicated to ensuring that people understand the implications of forthcoming technology. With the latest technology understandably commanding a higher price tag, this means a longer commitment for most. In turn, that means timing investment in new tech is crucial, so as not to buy the last current-gen system right before next-gen tech makes it obsolete. That window is narrowing, which is why current information is invaluable. Wendy will be providing this information regularly, so users are advised to book mark the site and check in before making a purchase."

About Wendy Purcell
Wendy Purcell has a passion for technology and her finger on the pulse of innovation, hunting out the latest trends, rumors and projections for technology to bring people tomorrow's news today. Her passions extend through computing and mobiles to wearables and conceptual design. For more information please visit: