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Tobacco Responsible for Killing Up to 2 in 3 Conventional Smokers: iBreathe Comment


Oldham, Manchester -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2015 -- New data from a large BMC study suggests that the fatalities caused by tobacco from smoking conventional cigarettes may be much higher than previously thought.

Whereas in former years it was anticipated that tobacco was responsible for the death of one in every two smokers, that figure has now been changed to higher prediction of killing up to two smokers in every three. These results have caused much comment, especially from insightful bodies working to reduce the use of conventional tobacco cigarettes, such as iBreathe.

Furthermore, according to the study led by BMC medicine, with the increased use of tobacco cigarettes, mortality was raised considerably. This is reflected in the data that whilst those who smoked 20 a day were four or five times as likely to die, those smoking ten a day had a doubled risk than compared to non-smokers. These shocking figures suggest the active harm of tobacco cigarettes.

The compromises to health caused by conventional cigarettes are not only limited to the individual smoker. Other issues include the risk of second-hand smoking and the array of often difficult-to-source chemicals which can be contained in cigarettes.

iBreathe, a leading retailer in e-cigarettes and vaping solutions, as well as a frequent commentator in the field, was quick to comment on this latest research. "The data highlights how harmful tobacco cigarettes are. From the tobacco and tar of cigarettes and the complications these can cause in themselves, it is essential that people are aware of the risk that smoking in this way poses." A spokesman told us "We know how difficult it is to break this cycle, hence why we have developed a highly efficient solution – e cigarettes."

"E cigarettes are a highly helpful aids in giving up smoking, as evade the risks of tobacco, tar and countless chemicals. Instead their liquid nicotine and thus steam base provides smokers with the rush they crave, without the congestion of the lungs. It is a progressive way forward for anyone attempting to give up smoking and that is why we are so passionate about it."

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