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Changing Heating Oil Prices: Stonewoods Comments


Wandsworth, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2015 -- Recent figures have revealed that the price of heating oil saw a 23% fall in price between December 2013 and 2014, marking a four year low. These figures, obtained from Fuel Oil News are based on kerosene, the most commonly used heating oil in the UK. This seemingly highlights changing heating habits, which has caused reflection from key providers in the home heating industry – Stonewoods.

However, although heating oil prices had fallen in the 2013-2014, 2015 has seen a slight rise, though still lower than years previous. Yet this highlights the potentially fluctuating nature of heating oil prices and in light of the upcoming General Election, energy and hating prices are very much a contentious issue.

The best way to heat home as well as potentially adding value is to approach the situation with versatility. This may incorporate an electrical heating system if convenient for a large family, or a log-burning stove if the resource available to do so.

With the evidently fluctuating oil prices and uncertainty in regards to fuel bills, it appears that in turn the focus has moved to sustainable home heating choices. A fireplace or stove offers an ideal concept for investment in this light – whether it is making a new purchase or undertaking fireplace restoration.

Stonewoods, who are key suppliers of fireplaces in the UK and also expert commentators in the field were quick to comment on the results. "These statistics highlight that ultimately, heating fuel prices can have periods of positivity though there is room of variance," a spokesperson said. "In turn, it is important that homeowners consider the fireplace, often an under-addressed area in a household, as a place where money can be saved. As part of this, ourselves as a company offer high efficiency options."

"For example, full cost issues can be potentially targeted by investing in a multi-fuel burner, which allow users to make the most of the most affordable fuel to hand. This may vary from wood to gas.

"At Stonewoods, we take pride in providing efficient as well as quality fireplaces and stoves both to enhance heating and enhance a home. It is notable that this adds value in the short and long term."

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