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Rental Value Growth: The Beautiful Housing Company Comments


Gloucestershire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2015 -- Recent figures released by the real estate firm CBRE, showed highest rental value growth in commercial property markets since the third quarter of 2007. 16% of the 1022 locations monitored showed an increase in rental value, highlighting that the rental market is highly competitive and active field, according to experts. This is led to the comment of key companies working within the rental process, such as the Beautiful Housing Company.

The research also allows wider trends to be reflected upon – such ad that whilst rental value growth was at 2.8% in 2013 it rose to 3.8% in 2014. In turn, this has led specialists to predict that a further rise can be anticipated for 2015. With rental growth in many UK markets strengthening over the course of 2014, this means that in 2015, negotiating in the renting market for the best deals is essential.

The Beautiful Housing Company operates within this active field, to offer luxury houses for hire at competitive prices, as well as maintain frequent awareness and commentary within the field.

"The data showing the growth in rental value over 2014 ad hopefully into 2015, implies renting as seemingly the way to go," a spokesperson said."This highlights key optimism in the market. However, what is important to those wanting to make the most cost-efficient decision in renting is ensure they are making the appropriate rental for the time they need.

"For example, if a person is looking to acquire space in an atmospheric environment for only an evening, it is essential that they find a company able to negotiate this. This not only allows people to make efficient choices in terms of their use of space, but also their time and money can be considered efficiently in an active market. People who are making the choice to rent or hire for a short-term interest - such as a holiday or event – should be entitled to the best selection and fair treatment, we believe."

"At the Beautiful Housing Company we offer both accessibility and flexibility to provide people with the best of a booming market. With our offer of an array of luxury properties for vent hire – whether for a couple of hours to more extended stretches, we can work to suit your time-scale and budget. This could be seen as quite a rarity in what is an accelerating market. After all, we want to take the time to understand what our customers really want, and use this to utilize beautiful properties to their best event."

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The Beautiful Housing Company specialize in providing luxury properties fore vent and holiday hire, across the UK. They operate to provide the widest selection at accessible prices within a competitive market.

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