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Cristo Jesus Llave: Uplifting Memoir, Written as Last Letter to Children from Dying Author, Urges Readers to Create Life-Saving 'Learning Health System'

Patrick J. Grant, who miraculously recovered from an aggressive form of Prostate Cancer that only 180 people in the US annually have been diagnosed with, is finally releasing the memoir that he thought was his dying manifesto. But ‘Cristo Jesus Llave: My Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Story & the Origin of Our Health Data Cooperative’ goes beyond the author’s gripping and empowering personal story, and his relationship with God. The volume documents the creation of Our Health Data Cooperative - a new venture developed to empower millions of patients to better manage the use of their health data and ultimately to better manage their own health and the health of their loved ones -- by engendering the collaborative realization of a comprehensive, patient-powered, evidence-based clinical research Learning Health System. Grant was instrumental in the organization’s conception, and is now urging all readers to join.


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2015 -- Patrick J. Grant is unfortunate enough to know what it is like to be given two weeks to live. In 2014, he was diagnosed with the rarest form of Stage 4 Prostate Cancer, ironically at a time when he was spearheading the launch of Our Health Data Cooperative, a paradigm-shifting and transformative new clinical research Learning Health System. With just a precious few days to live, Grant set down to pen a last letter to his children.

Having, literally through the grace of God, recovered miraculously from his disease, Grant has turned his letter into a powerful new memoir. 'Cristo Jesus Llave: My Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Story & the Origin of Our Health Data Cooperative' serves a dual purpose to bring any reader close to their faith, and consider joining Our Health Data Cooperative to help them better understand what treatments would work best for any illnesses they could become afflicted with.


The rarest form of Stage 4 Prostate Cancer strikes Patrick Grant, Chairman of Our Health Data Cooperative, and he tells his deeply personal journey of facing and overcoming his fears of cancer. Discover a new relationship with God and see how it may be that you can fight disease by sharing your health experiences and learning from the collective lifetimes of health experiences of millions of patients.

Discover the place where the manifestation of God led him.

Find out how you can own a part of the organization we can all own, that can help us all answer the question: "What treatment works best for my disease?"

Read the documentation that he kept of his visions and prophecies manifested by God so you too will live the journey and ask yourself the questions that impact all of us facing the end: Do I have faith?

"Up until my diagnosis, Our Health Data Cooperative was a professional venture, but it rapidly became a passionate personal mission to provide others with data I hadn't been able to obtain in time," explains Grant. "While counting down the days to my death I worked around the clock to get the Cooperative started, until my cancer suddenly went into remission. If you've ever faced daunting odds or a personal crisis, my story will surely resonate with you."

Continuing, "I have a bold goal to inspire fifty million patients in the United States to see the importance of sharing their story, to tell it to the world and work together to become owners of their health data access. By joining Our Health Data Cooperative for free, they will have unrestricted access to information from the data that is anonymously gathered and analyzed by their Cooperative efforts. It could literally save their life and the lives of those they love. OHDC will help the United States save $750 Billion annually in healthcare that doesn't work and that we don't learn systemically from because of fraud and abuse (http://iom.edu/Reports/2012/Best-Care-at-Lower-Cost-The-Path-to-Continuously-Learning-Health-Care-in-America/Press-Release.aspx). Our Health Data Cooperative will help the United States reduce this waste, which is more than we spend annually on education."

Since its release, the memoir has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, Susan Siren comments, "This book will be hopefully an inspiration to many, as it was to me. The way Patrick looks at life, knowing his ultimate goal is to spend eternity with his Heavenly Father, but to reach as many here on earth is such a comfort. I cried for him while I was reading. His journey was hard & scary. I have no idea how I would react to news like he received. Thank you, Patrick, for writing it & letting me be a small part of your journey!"

'Cristo Jesus Llave: My Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Story & the Origin of Our Health Data Cooperative', from Grant Enterprises of America, Inc, is available now: http://amzn.to/1bIYHj9

For more information on Our Health Data Cooperative, visit: http://www.ourhdc.com

About Patrick J. Grant
Being given at one point only two weeks to live, Mr. Grant is a survivor of cancer that only 180 people in the US have been diagnosed with. His story is a testament to why the Learning Health System is so necessary.

His dedication to finding a way for all patients to know the best treatment for their disease allows the OHDC to provide an open and transparent model for all organizations to join the patient effort.

He has lead several multimillion dollar private organizations during the past 25 years as well as leading, as President, the foundation that sponsored the 2012 Learning Health System Summit in Washington, DC.

In addition to his foundational leadership in Our Health Data Cooperative, Mr. Grant is also board member and CEO of CelLynx Group, Inc and Chairman of Grant Enterprises of America, Inc.

Mr. Grant has an MBA and BS from the University of Illinois.