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Tri Glass, Inc. Discusses the History of Auto Glass Repair


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2015 -- The international distributor of windshield repair products, Tri Glass, Inc., has been supplying auto shops all over the world with high-quality auto glass repair kits. With vehicles as a main source for transportation, it is important for drivers to maintain and care for their automobiles so that they last. When a crack or chip occurs in the windshield glass, it can spread and eventually cause the entire window to have to be replaced. Thanks to the technicians of auto shops everywhere and product suppliers, a windshield can be prepared promptly with a quality repair kit. Tri Glass, Inc., recognizes the journey that led to the innovative invention of windshield repair tools and materials.

An auto glass repair system was first produced by a company called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, now known as 3M, in 1971. The system was called "Scotch Weld" and involved enormous-sized equipment that repaired large, "bulls-eye" type cracks with ultra sound vibrations. The vibrations would clean the break in the glass and then the operator would use a syringe to inject resin into the area. Windshields that were damaged by stones were able to be repaired when the research company, Origin Inc., created an effective process by developing a resin solution that matched the transparency of glass. At the time, the main consumer was a small group of people who concentrated on being repair specialists, instead of auto dealers and shops, who didn't seem to be conducting repairs with the equipment.

Other companies invented and perfected other glass repair tools, such as a vacuum repair system that worked using a pump process. Many more auto repair glass companies sprung up throughout the 1970's and 1980's that experimented with new concepts to create equipment, resulting in new repair systems. One of these companies was Tri Glass, Inc., which was started by Joyce Newsome in Washington State. The windshield repair industry grew throughout the 1990's and by the 2000's, changes in the market occurred in regards to the conflict of glass repairs versus glass replacement. Companies that concentrate on a repairs-only-service grew popular, and today they conduct the largest number of windshield repairs.

Tri Glass, Inc., takes pride in selling a successful, accepted product that is used globally. For more information on the company's presence in the history of the windshield repair industry, please visit their website.

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Tri Glass, Inc. is a global supplier of quality windshield repair products. The company specializes in the distribution of top-notch windshield repair tools and kits to auto shops across the country and abroad. Some of their products include UV lamps, Tri Glass Bridges, injectors, resin, tools and kits. The business is located in Jacksonville, FL, and accepts orders through email correspondence or by phone. Their delivery services are fast and reliable when it comes to shipping their products.

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