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Ivey Air, Inc. Improves Indoor Air Quality for Clientele Year-Round


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2015 -- Ivey Air, Inc. provides a wide variety of indoor air quality solutions, as well as heating and cooling and air duct cleaning for their diverse body of clientele. Right now, Ivey Air is announcing that they are accepting new clientele throughout their service area needing services to improve indoor air quality and other problems with air and ventilation.

Comprehensive air-quality treatments are a specialty of Ivey Air. They help to control pollutants at the source, whether it's old and dangerous insulations, gas stoves or any other risk factor damaging the air quality of a property. After they check pollution at the source, they provide improvements for ventilation. This often involves installing new attic fans or adding filtration to cooling systems. Other times, Ivey Air will come into a property and perform a full air duct inspection and cleaning to eliminate dust and other contaminants from the air—sometimes this is all a property needs.

Ask one of Ivey Air's team to explain the different types of air cleaners they have available. This includes humidifiers and dehumidifiers, electronic air cleaners, energy and heat recovery ventilators and dedicated filtration systems. Balancing static electricity and humidity in a property greatly improves the air quality of a property.

Ivey Air commands their own sheet metal shop. They do this to cut down on costs for both themselves and their clientele. Through this shop, Ivey Air can provide complete, comprehensive layout designs as well as product fabrication and installations. From the beginning to the end, Ivey Air has the expertise and experience to walk clients through the whole process. They build many products from the ground up—just ask their friendly staff for more information on this today.

Ivey Air services and diagnoses heating and cooling systems, and their technicians are widely trained in the latest and greatest techniques offering some of the most prompt and punctual services throughout Levittown, Pennsylvania. All of their service calls and work are backed by a strong 90-day warranty. Any new installation comes with a one-year warranty. On top of all of this, Ivey Air only accepts the highest level of exceptional customer service from their staff, and they deliver every time.

For more information on Ivey Air and how their clientele benefit every year from improving air quality in their properties, contact them as soon as possible. They can be reached by phone at 215.695.4170 with any questions and concerns. They can also be reached through e-mail at info@iveyair.com or by filling out a contact sheet available on their website. Visit their website for specific e-mail addresses of their staff. Their office is located on Hanford Street in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

About Ivey Air
Ivey Air is a Levittown, Pennsylvania-based heating, cooling and ventilation service, repair and installation business servicing both residential and commercial property owners in and around the Levittown, PA area. They provide improvement services for indoor air quality, including air duct and ventilation cleaning and air filtration systems.

For more information, please visit http://www.iveyair.com.