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LISSA the Shop Highlights the Eco-Conscious CP Shades Clothing Line


Morristown, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2015 -- Big business has been dominating the world's economy for years, as the adage, "Bigger is Better," has become more and more like a mantra. These changes come with many benefits for the average person, making every product imaginable accessible, lowering prices to make those products affordable to the masses, and making delivery time shorter to appease the ever-growing appetites of those masses. However, there are also pitfalls to big business that can include labor issues, quality issues and environmental issues; products are losing their souls in the pursuit of bigger profit margins. In such times, it is good to step back and applaud the companies that make every effort to stay true to themselves, their clients and the Earth. In that spirit, LISSA the shop would like to highlight the eco-conscious fabrics and processes of their featured CP Shades line.

CP Shades is a clothing line that manufactures all of their products in Sausalito, CA. The company has been selling their clothing made with sustainable fabrics for over 30 years and prides itself on its ability to provide classic, wearable clothing for everyday comfort and style. The CP Shades line is known for its uncomplicated shapes, as they have consistently mass produced handmade garments without drastically changing their signature style. As founder David Weinstein notes, "The product is a combination of new and old, and always the future." By listening to their customers and maintaining a high-quality, eco-conscious clothing line, CP Shades has been able to keep up with the times while maintaining their original essence.

There is nothing like the soft texture found in CP Shades' linen pieces. The company cuts, sews and dyes their garments to ensure a soft texture, high quality and eco-friendliness. The classic tunic tops that define the CP Shades line flatter every body type and can transition flawlessly into every season, year after year. Whether being paired with leggings, jeans or slacks, their versatile tops will make every woman feel good, both inside and out.

Visit LISSA the shop's website today to view the CP Shades all-natural linen, cotton and silk tops they carry. Customers can rest assured that the line's commitment to quality and the Earth will shine through in their clothing. Every piece is handmade in the U.S., soul still attached.

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