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American Roofing Contractors Now Preparing Roofs for Spring


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2015 -- Spring weather brings welcome changes from winter, such as warmer temperatures and the replacement of harsh snow with gentle rain. However, homeowners may not realize that while winter weather hazards have passed, spring can pose threats to the integrity of their roofs. To head off problems caused by faulty roofs, American Roofing Contractors has announced that they are now available to inspect, repair and prepare roofs this spring.

American Roofing Contractors is a full-service, fully licensed and insured roofing company in the Philadelphia area. In addition to roofing services, they provide HVAC services, repair windows, install siding and more. Several of their current services are appropriate for Philadelphia owners who would like to get their roofs in shape for spring.

One mistake that homeowners make is not installing gutters. Gutters are crucial for diverting heavy spring rainfall from the foundation of a home, making them one of a roof's most important features. American Roofing Contractors can repair, replace or install gutters on any home.

Ventilation is another crucial service that American Roofing Contractors offers. Without proper ventilation, roofs may fall victim to rising spring and summer temperatures. Heat and moisture that rise to the top floor of a home and have no means of escape may crack and erode the roofing materials, leaving the roof vulnerable to leaks. American Roofing Contractors will fix any pre-existing leaks and install new ventilation so that the roof stays safe from fluctuating temperatures and humidity.

In addition to installing gutters and ventilation, American Roofing Contractors performs a variety of other roofing services. Damage to roofs can quickly accelerate and cause major problems. To prevent damage and prepare their roofs for the coming season, homeowners should call American Roofing Contractors at 215-437-3320.

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American Roofing Contractors provides roofing, siding, and HVAC services in the Philadelphia area. They aim to give their customers high functioning homes while increasing the value of their property. The company offers free estimates and 24 hour emergency service for all customers.

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