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Zoom Plastic Surgery Launches New Website to Promote Renowned Beverly Hills Surgery

Zoom Plastic Surgery is the practice of a world renowned Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon and a website has just been launched to promote his services to a broader audience.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2015 -- Plastic surgery is more common now than ever before. It's high profile in the world of Hollywood and the media has ensured that the surgery has advanced rapidly, with surgeons seemingly in an arms race to devise and implement the most effective techniques. Plastic surgery is both art and science, and nobody has resolved these two disciplines together better than Zoom Plastic Surgery. Their practice, Zoom Plastic Surgery, has just launched a website to promote his services to a broader field of potential clients than ever before.

The website features a comprehensive biography of lead surgeon, including his credentials and qualifications, experience and role in the media. The site also has a comprehensive list of procedures available in the Los Angeles practice, including those for the body, breasts and face, as well as the latest stem cell derived techniques.

The site even has information on recent publications featuring the lead surgeon speaking on a range of topics within plastic surgery, so individuals can find out more about his approach and opinions. Zoom Plastic Surgery is known for a naturalistic approach that aims to create subtle effects that optimizes the potential of the subject without drawing attention to the surgery itself.

A spokesperson for Zoom Plastic Surgery explained, "Zoom Plastic Surgery works out of Beverly Hills and as such, he has worked with the rich and famous. However, he has never seen their work as exclusive in that way, and the launch of the website allows us to promote the services to anyone who wants the best in the business. The website has an open form that can be filled out in seconds to arrange a free consultation with a surgeon, who will assess a potential client's needs and make recommendations based on their wealth of experience, ensuring the best methods are employed to get the best results."

About Zoom Plastic Surgery
Zoom Plastic Surgery is the practice of a prominent Los Angeles plastic surgeon. The surgeon is a California Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, California. He has been features as an expert on CBS News, NBC News, The Insider, VH1, Tyra Banks Show and more. His style is one of elegance and naturalism. For more information please visit: