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Fresh Grinds Coffee Company Receives New Shipment of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Fresh Grinds Coffee Company is offering one of the lightest and freshest coffees through their single-origin coffee series, available now individually, in bulk or on subscription.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2015 -- Coffee has become very similar to wine in the way that aficionados will approach it. The difference is that coffee can be drunk during the day, and it is ideal for people looking to perk up at work. As such, coffee's popularity is now at an all time high, and everyone has a favorite. Fresh Grinds Coffee Company provides some of the finest single origin fair trade raw coffee beans in existence, and will even roast it to their customers' preferences and optimize the grind to match the machine they're using to brew it. Their latest coffee is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, which offers a new and exciting experience.

Yirgacheffe offers bright, medium- to light-bodied coffee perfect for sipping throughout the day. It features berry undertones and distinct floral tones in the aroma. It promises a clean, vibrant and flowery taste that uplifts the drinker with its finish. Drinkers may denote chocolate, citrus and even toasted coconut in its layers.

The coffee can be ordered in a single batch or in a bulk order, or can be added to a company subscription. The subscription service is unique to Fresh Grinds and allows coffee lovers a hands-off way to guarantee they always have their favorites or a mix of classics and new kinds to try.

A spokesperson for Fresh Grinds Coffee Company explained, "This coffee is wonderful, light and flavor filled coffee unlike anything drinkers of typical everyday coffees will have experienced before. Like the best Whisky we offer single-malt style, single-origin beans. Like the best steak, we customize the roast level for each customer individually. Like the best fuel, we optimize the consistency to fit the machine. This is product which is three dimensionally premium. We look forward to helping new people discover this product, as well as fulfilling the requests of those who called for it in the first place."

About Fresh Grinds Coffee Company
Fresh Grinds Coffee Co roast premium single origin fair trade coffees. All their coffee is roasted in the USA, from sources all over the world. All orders are hand roasted in house to clients' desired roast. All roasting occurs within 28 hours of receiving an order. Fresh Grinds Coffee Co has no out-sourced operators or salespeople, offer bulk orders to minimize restocking for businesses, and can grind coffee specifically for brewing systems.

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