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Editorsdepot.com Shares After Effects Technique in Keying out Green Screen in Creating Unique Backgrounds for Videos

To get the best aftereffect templates that can be used in whatever video projects, video creators can also download templates at editorsdepot.com.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2015 -- Video is a compelling vehicle for conveying a message to a wider audience. It has been a marketing tool used by many marketers in entertaining, informing and teaching people valuable lessons that can be applied to their daily living. For some time, video has been proven to make more conversions than any content. And with the raising standards of many viewers toward video and the strict competition in the market today, it's not surprising that most of the video creators nowadays look for ways to make their video become more powerful and creative as possible.

When it comes to video creation, Adobe After Effects is a great tool being utilized in various video projects. Its versatility is incomparable since it allows video creators to experiment with their videos using after effects templates in varying speed, interval, lighting etc. Another technique that can be utilized in after effects template is 'keying out'. This technique is also known as the green screen editing that is used in post-production processes of videos.

The green screen editing is used in removing or exchanging the backdrop of a frame which can also be used in replacing items and in adding up imaginative content in a certain scene – which is a great way if a person is on a tight budget for video production or just wanted to spice up the video project. But actually, the creativity in background and animation on video is possible and unlimited if proper lighting and keying out green footage will be accomplished successfully.

Keying out the green screen using Adobe After Effects is simple. It starts with (1) creating a new composition in this platform by pulling the video clip into the 'composition' icon. Then, (2) search the term 'keylight' under the 'effects and presets' tab to be applied by double clicking onto the video clip. (3) Click the green section of the image with the eyedropper tool which is the 'screen color' before switching the view from the 'final result' to the 'screen matte'.

After scrolling down into the 'screen matte' option, (4) open the menu and click the 'clip back' and 'clip white' settings on the menu until the backdrop becomes completely black while the foreground is white. The settings should be far away from each other as much as possible so that there'll be no spots introduced. Once you have ensured that there's no spot, (5) switch back from the 'screen matte' view to 'final result' and a cleaner key will be noticed. Lastly, adjust the settings on the 'screens shrink/grow' tab to remove completely any rough edges.

To make the video project become more polished with this technique, make sure that there are no dark spots or wrinkles present and that the subject should be 15 feet away or so from the background to shun any shadow or green spills. And to get the best aftereffect templates that can be used in whatever video projects, video creators can also download templates at editorsdepot.com.

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