on the Status of the Real Estate Market in Canada and the Best Ways of Choosing the Perfect Real Estate Investment

Being scrupulous about your choices will in the latter end serve you better because you can very well take advantage of what you have purchased. Real estate is an investment so you might as well choose the best one.


Ottawa, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2015 -- The highly competitive world of the real estate market is a very unstable industry and selling and buying properties entail quite a lot of patience of both the sellers and the homebuyers. Currently, the housing market continues to strengthen and prices are on the rise in the national level.

There has been actually an escalation in the prices of properties for about 6.3% compared to what has been a year ago. In fact, even the use of multifaceted Listing Services Home Price Index has gone up by up to 5% as well.

The price value of real estate properties specifically in Canada has started to shoot up because of the effects of the inflation rates; this has become truly alarming for investors, hence the tremendous rise in the value of residential properties have created various concerns and issues.

But, according to the research made by Mr. Gregory Klump, who happens to be a known economist in Canada, that the current average national value of real estate properties should not be the basis as to what is the status of the real estate business because of the surprising increase in the sales.

Moreover, based on the current studies made by the Toronto Real Estate Board, detached residential properties have continuously revved up till the month of March 2015. Some of these properties have gained an increase of about 21% in the first two weeks this March from its original price last February. And with these data, it has been predicted that in 2015, there will still be a projected increase of another 0.7% according to the Canadian Real Estate Association.

But with the recovery of the global economy, prices of these real estate properties too will soon become moderated and residential properties may now become more affordable for many. But for those who are really in need to purchase a house, here are the best ways on how to spot affordable residential properties: (1) DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Search for a lot more options and look into all the PROs and CONs of purchasing the specific property then later on compare all those options; whichever gives you the best benefits is definitely the perfect choice. (2) GET A PRE-APPROVED MORTGAGE. Having accomplished a mortgage application and having it pre-approved will absolutely prove that you are really capable of buying the real estate property; it will also give you clearer picture as to what type of house or property you are qualified for and best of all you have all the advantages in the negotiation process because, there isn't any doubt that you are more than ready and capable of buying it. (3) HIRE A HIGHLY EXCEPTIONAL REAL ESTATE AGENT. Hiring the valuable services of a real estate agent will make the process a lot easier and convenient for you because he can walk you through the entire process including all its legalities and documents; their job doesn't stop until the deal is closed and you are comfortably settled in your new home. Although it would also be great to opt for a private sale to avoid complications, because as a buyer, you would only have to deal with the seller of the land or the house without any third parties or intermediary people that may delay the transactions and negotiation. (4) INVESTIGATE THE NEIGHBORHOOD/COMMUNITY. Before finally signing the documents to make the purchase, try to find out if the community you are getting into is SAFE and SECURED; try to ask the owner about its water, sewer connections and septic systems. Try to ensure that all electrical connections and phone lines and other communication networks are available in the area.

Being scrupulous about your choices will in the latter end serve you better because you can very well take advantage of what you have purchased. Real estate is an investment so you might as well choose the best one.

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