Review Site Launch for Dropshipping Launches Dropshipping Services’ Website


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2015 -- (TBC) reviews and ranks dropshipping companies by using weighted criteria. The new dropshipping review section will be available starting May 1st and will be complete with company reviews as well as the latest news in the blog section.

San Francisco, CA– (TBC) will launch a new review site on dropshipping services on May 1st. This launch will include in-depth reviews of several companies that are based on a weighted criteria.

With an increase in online shopping, dropshipping has become more of a necessity.

"Dropshipping is becoming more vital in today's world with the increase in online shopping. It allows the consumer to create a legitimate online business without the financial burden of a warehouse or inventory," says website manager Marcia Wheadon.

The new website will include ranking criteria including (but not limited to):

Membership Fees
Wholesale Prices
Products Offered
Delivery and Package Quality

In order to better understand the purpose of the weighted criteria, let's break a couple of the criterion out.

Membership fees vary between monthly and yearly payments. Some companies charge more than others but also offer more benefits. Comparing membership fees along with other features is important to make sure the dropship service matches the company's needs.

Wholesale prices go hand in hand with membership fees as both impact how much revenue you can potentially bring in. Low wholesale price guarantees are a huge bonus when searching for the best company.

Products offered as well as delivery and package really need to match the customer's brand, in order to ensure long-term business together.

All of these criteria combined with additional features will encompass the ranking, to help the consumer find the best company for them.

The launch of the dropshipping services' website will provide customers with more upfront answers to questions regarding the best companies.

A recent survey on dropshipping found that the majority of people found a free trial to be the most important feature for dropshipping services. This survey received answers from over 1000 participants. These results will also be included with the launch of the new site.

TBC creates an unbiased review site that allows both experts and consumers alike to leave their comments. This gives the consumer with real life experience a voice, thus helping those new to the industry. For those in search of a dropshipping service, check out on May 1st.

About (TBC) is a review site that gathers all the information consumers want to know about companies. TBC uses their team of experts to research and review companies with its proprietary 11-point ranking criteria. Along with expert reviews, TBC allows customers to share their insight, experience and reviews on the companies.

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Marcia Wheadon
Content Management Specialist