Adult Diapers Market 2015-2019 - Global Report on Market Trends, Drivers, Forecast


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Factors Driving the Growth of the Adult Diapers Market:

One of the factors is the increasing occurrence of Urinary Incontinence among the elderly. The probability of the patient having incontinence is evaluated by significant variations regarding its severity and impact of incontinence, frequency, and predictability in patients. The urinary incontinence can be a result of sphincter dysfunction, bladder dysfunction, or a combination of both. The prevalence of urinary incontinence increases with age and is common in elderly adults. According to CDC, around 65% of the population affected with urinary incontinence is dominated by women. In adult women, the severity bother prevalence is high compared to young women. The prevalence in young women is usually low; it peaks during menopause and later rises depending on the condition of incontinence of the patient.  Incontinence level increases with age and is significantly higher for individuals living in nursing homes compared to community centers. The prevalence of different types of incontinence such as stress and mixed is expected to be higher than urge incontinence. In men, the prevalence is much lower compared to women. Incontinence in men is usually due to trauma, prostrate surgery, and neurological injury. Severe incontinence in men is comparatively half when compared to women.

This report discusses all other drivers, challenges, and trends of this market in detail.

Top Brands in Adult Diapers:

This report includes a detailed analysis of all the key vendors in the Adult Diaper market, including an overview, product offerings, SWOT analysis, distributors, etc.


Attends is a very well-known brand for adult incontinence and has been in the market for past three decades. The superior patented Quick-Dry technology and 3-Tier absorbent core provides better support and dryness against the skin. The different series of Attends brand products include Attends Slip Regular, Attends Pull-Ons, and Attends Cover Dri.


TENA provides a complete suite of incontinence products, the brand not only provides adult incontinence diaper but also provides other products like pads and underwear for adult incontinence.


The Poise brand has pads with extra absorbent super core that locks in the fluid and serves as a barrier shield to prevent leakage. The Poise brand has highly designed structure with a capacity to hold 2 cups of fluid. It has a series of pads such as Poise Ultimate Absorbence, Poise Hourglass Max Absorbency Pads. Poise is a trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide.


The products with this brand are designed with premium technology to provide well-being and the best care for users.


Depend for women and men provides own choice of protection and confidence to ensure privacy and convenience. Depend is one of the leading brands in the US.


Prevail brand has a broad range of incontinence products and has easy lock fasteners that are reusable and are less sticky. Prevail has targeted specific contaminated zone to eliminate odor.


The products offered by this brand have the ability to reduce leakage and eliminate skin irritation to provide optimal absorption. The products are made from user-friendly material and have contoured designed with elasticity for better comfort.


Select is in the family of the tranquillity products; it has a broad variety of product lines that include incontinence products especially for heavy flow and fecal incontinence.


Lifree has a wide range of adult incontinence diapers; these provide mobility for the user and include absorbent underwear and pads for mild urinary incontinence. It is the leading brand in Japan.


Vlesi offers products that are anatomically shaped for better fit and has high absorbency and fast distribution of fluid. It comprises different types of such as All in one (Vlesi Flex, Vlesi Compact, Vlesi Aero, and Vlesi Comfort Premium).


Always is from one of the leading feminine and personal care segment by P&G. P&G manufactures a broad range of pads under Always Discreet.

Other Companies in Adult Diapers:

DSG International, Daio Paper, First Quality Enterprises, Fu Burg Industrial, Kao Corp, KCK Industries, Medline Industries, Nippon Paper, Ontex International, Principle Business Enterprises, and P&G.

Adults Diapers Market Segmentation by Product Type:

To calculate the size of this market, analysts have taken into account, among other factors, the revenue from the following product segmentation:

Pad Type Adult Diapers (around 70%)

Pants Type Adult Diapers (around 5%)

Flat Type Adult Diapers (around 25%)

Raw Materials Used in Adult Diapers (Market Shares included in the Report):

Fluff Pulp

Super Absorbent Polymer

Polypropylene Polymer


Polypropylene Fiber

Polyester Fiber

Bio Component Fiber

Rayon/Lyocell Fiber



Geographical Segmentation by Regions and Key Leading Countries (Market Size and Shares included):

Americas, EMEA, APAC

Japan, US, Germany

Other Sections of the Report include an Analysis on the Following:

Understanding Importance of Diapers

Present and Future of Adult Diapers

Details of Market Trends across Key Leading Countries

Adult Diapers Specifications

Top Drivers and its Impact on the Adult Diapers Market

Top Challenges and its Impact on the Adult Diapers Market

Top Trends and its Impact on the Adult Diapers Market

Five Forces Analysis of the Adult Diapers Market

SWOT Analysis of Key Vendors Adult Diapers Market

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