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Value Lies in Pork: Pig Roast Catering Comment


Colne, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2015 -- According to the pig levy body Bpex, pork is at a better value than ever, considering sanctions on Russia and other factors which have led to more retailers pledging to invest in quality British product. In turn, this means a potential boom for the British pork market is expected, exciting comment from those working closely in the field, such as Pig Roast Catering.

Furthermore, the results from Bpex show that the difference between EU and UK pork prices was at its highest in living record. Typically, this would lead to an influx of cheap continental imports – however, following the 'horsemeat' scandal and political uncertainties regarding the EU with the upcoming General Election, this has actually led to improved investment in British pork.

This positivity within British pork production can be seen in that pigs in the UK have fallen in price since the summer by over 15%. This means that even the cost of large joints of meat or even whole pigs are more accessible and yet still a quality British product. More supermarkets and retailers are considering British pork, which means the market is likely to be increasingly strengthened over the 2015, allowing for high quality, home-reared meat at attractive prices.

Pig Roast Catering, who work closely with British farmers as well frequent commentators within the industry, were quick to comment. "The statistics high; light that pork is an increasingly accessible meat choice for many people." A spokesperson said "This means that even by planning ahead in terms of the catering to be used for an event, pork is a secure choice and does not face seasonal fluctuation like other meats.

The investment and support of British agriculture through this news is fantastic. Increased interest in the British pork production industry allows for a greater amount of quality meat to reach satisfied customers. This includes considerations such as meat being reared to the highest standards. We are excited to be working within such a healthy market and want to progress into 2015 to showcase to the British public want a delicious an important choice pork can be, for any event."

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