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New Law to Punish Drug-Drivers Is Introduced – The Accident Team Comments


Doncaster, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2015 -- The Accident Team, a collective of personal injury legal experts, has shared their thoughts on the introduction of a new law which will give police the power to tackle drug driving.

On 2 March, a new law making driving while under the influence of drugs came into effect, with special testing kits introduced to the police force to make catching and convicting drug-drivers a simpler task.

The recently introduced legislation will see that driving under the influence of drugs, even certain prescription drugs, is illegal above specific levels. Police will be able to use screening equipment on the road side to test drivers. Even if those tests come back negative, officers will have the power to take individuals back to a police station for further testing if they still suspect the driver to have taken drugs.

Diane Parker, a personal injury legal expert at The Accident Team, has backed the change, stating that it will keep roads safer and potentially reduce road traffic accidents. She said: "The effect that drugs have is well known, affecting everything from decision making to reaction time, which is a recipe for disaster as far as driving safely is concerned. This new law will see that drug-drivers who put themselves and others at risk by getting behind the wheel of a car are punished for doing so. We believe the legislation will make the roads a safer place for responsible drivers.

"We've worked on many road traffic accident cases and have seen for ourselves the dangers of driving under the influence, and we're optimistic that these changes will lower accident rates."

The consequence of being found guilty of drug-driving will be the loss of their license for a minimum of 1 year, a fine (up to £5,000) and a criminal record.

Robert Goodwill, Road Safety Minister, explained: "This new law will save lives. We know driving under the influence of drugs is extremely dangerous; it devastates families and ruins lives. "The Government's message is clear - if you take drugs and drive, you are endangering yourself and others and you risk losing your licence and a conviction."

Dr Kim Wolf, a government drug drive advisor, said: "Illegal drugs seriously impair skills required to drive safely, such as reaction time and decision making. In many cases those who take certain illegal drugs believe that they are safe to drive, but are in fact putting themselves and others at risk. Greater awareness of the dangers of drug driving is important as we move forward with this important step towards safer roads."

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