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Macrospective Launch Provides Readers with Innovative Source of News and Entertainment


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2015 -- Richard Steele, associate editor of Macrospective, announced the launch of the new online source for unbiased news from around the world. Multiple news outlets are available online, but few measures up to the demanding standards of today's reader. Macrospective is committed to presenting the news – not making it.

"I think people are really tired of talking heads who just skew the news to fit their own biases," said Steele. "Worse still are sites that misrepresent things just to garner a few extra clicks. Whether it's discussing social issues or just talking about the latest in tech, we aim to deliver meaningful insight and information without the fluff."

Macrospective is a completely free news site with no paywalls. The publication eschews the typical banner advertisements that litter other websites. The objective at Macrospective is to provide readers with a source of news and entertainment that keeps the browsing experience as pure as possible.

From sports and vaccines to wearable tech and lifestyle issues, readers can stay apprised of the topics that interest them most and affect the way they life, work and play. The site allows readers to share their views on current events, broad topics of interest and the concerns that they feel strongly about.

One of the publication's most popular and highly read features is the opinions page. "Macrospective aims to cover every topic under the sun, so no matter the reader's interest, they'll be sure to find something they like on the site," said Steele. "If the reader is looking for a place to share their views, Macrospective is a venue that encourages people to speak their minds – within reason, of course."

Macrospective provides readers with an extensive variety of stories to accommodate the tastes and interests of virtually anyone. Readers will find pieces on NASA's NuSTAR telescope, Japan's wine for cats and articles that address the hot topic of vaccines. No subject is off limits and Macrospective explores topics ranging from birth control to the newest tech innovations.

The launch of Macrospective provides a news and entertainment platform for busy people on the go. Individuals have a myriad of sections from which to choose, encompassing topics of interest to all. Macrospective is committed to providing information that explains, informs and encourages the exchange of ideas.

For more information, call 314-735-0003 or visit Macrospective online.

About Macrospective
On the Internet, everyone brings his or her own personal perspective, but it takes a revolutionary website to merge them together in a Macrospective. Come join the discussion and share your opinions in a place that promotes rational discussion while respecting differing viewpoints. Once you've had your fill of weighty topics, there's always more to see and do in lifestyle, entertainment, food and more. Broaden your horizons at Macrospective. The publication maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

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