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El Aten, Antichrist: Vol 1 of Prophetic 12-Part Series Calls on Book of Revelation to Expose Humanity's Possible Fate - Concerned About the Future? Read On

Masterfully crafted by Jack A. Tanner, and calling on his decades of experience as a minister, volume one of ‘El Aten, Antichrist’ tells the story of Abraham Benjamin who has adopted the name of El Aten, and his prophet, Judas. Through their trickery, deceit and attempts to form a one-world Government, readers will explore questions surrounding the end times and their stark congruence with the current state of humanity. Prophetic? Read the book and find out…


Mitchell, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2015 -- With the current epidemic of violence and discord, especially in the east, many have led themselves to conclude that the end times may have arrived. In an entertaining and possibly prophetic new series by Jack A. Tanner, readers can explore all of these possibilities and more through the eyes of the antichrist.

The 'El Aten, Antichrist' series currently comprises twelve volumes. Part one serves as the perfect introduction. One critic has already descried it as leaving "the reader spell bound".


Abraham Benjamin has become El Aten, the Antichrist! Aten was an ancient Egyptian god of the sun or the god of enlightenment. El Aten and his partner, Judas, are on a mission to change the world. Their manipulations seduce Israel, threaten Syria, challenge the Pope and resurrect the Old Roman Empire to its former glory. Their promotion of a one-world government is sold as the answer to the world's problems. El Aten's plan of eliminating all taxes except a one-world tax has caught the imagination of the common worker. The common man is now a citizen of the world, and no longer bound by city, county, state and federal taxes and regulations.

He has unlimited opportunities to travel without a passport and to buy and sell by using his world number. Aten's ride to fame is not always smooth, however. Miriam, his special assistant and mistress, is kidnapped, and through a series of events she awakens to the truth.

"Aten and Judas will stop at nothing," admits the author. "Their trickery actually leads many to believe that they have supernatural powers. But, eventually, many of Aten's inner circle start to realize the truth and an invasion of Syria ensues."

Continuing, "While of course fiction, the premise for the story was lifted directly from the Book of Revelation. It's especially pertinent as humanity has some serious questions to ask itself about the global unrest we don't seem to be able to stop. This book reveals the direction we are heading in and will make fascinating reading for anyone, especially those with a knowledge of prophecy."

Readers agree, leaving rave reviews. One Amazon user comments, "This fiction book tells the story from the Antichrist's point of view. The deceit that he uses to gain followers and then take control of governments is fascinating. It leaves the reader spell bound."

'El Aten, ANTICHRIST: Volume 1', from Pentecostal Publishing House, is available now: http://amzn.to/1I4iQ0B.

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