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Whitehouse Landscaping Now Conducting Early Spring Organic Lawn Care Visits


Pine Forge, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2015 -- Now that spring has arrived, Whitehouse Landscaping reminds its lawn care program subscribers that the time for another lawn care visit has come. For new clients who want organic, sustainable lawn care, Whitehouse Landscaping has announced that they are now offering early spring visits as part of their organic law care program in Montgomery County, PA.

Whitehouse Landscaping offers landscaping design, construction and maintenance in Bucks and Montgomery County. For customers who want consistently beautiful and healthy lawns, they offer a five-part lawn care program, featuring seasonally appropriate lawn treatments. Currently, Whitehouse Landscaping is taking appointments from pre-existing and new customers for its early spring visit cycle. During the early spring visit installment of the lawn care program, Whitehouse Landscaping will apply Holganix organic lawn care products, apply a treatment for pre-emergent crabgrass, perform broadleaf weed control and lay down slow-release fertilizer.

Early spring visits boost lawn growth in a way that is safe and sustainable. After a long winter, lawn soil suffers a loss of vital nutrients and organisms necessary to lawn health. The treatments performed by Whitehouse Landscaping in conjunction with beneficial Holganix products supplement these nutrients and bolster lawn growth. With regular use, Holganix result in a need for less watering and fewer fertilizers, pesticides, phosphates and nitrates. Holganix also balances soil pH. Most importantly, these organic, sustainable products are safe for all family members, including pets and kids, and do not harm the environment.

Whitehouse Landscaping recommends that homeowners follow up their early spring lawn care visits with maintenance in late spring and summer, as well as early fall and late fall. To learn more about organic lawn care near Collegeville, call 610-674-0790 for an instant quote. Alternatively, visit the Whitehouse Landscaping website for a free estimate and lawn analysis.

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Whitehouse Landscaping is a full-service, family-owned landscaping company located in Boyertown, PA. With extensive industry certifications, Whitehouse Landscaping has many regular customers in the area. They specialize in safe, environmentally friendly landscaping practices and work the natural flora of the lawn to cultivate a healthy, vibrant appearance.

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