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Alura Business Solutions Now Features OpenDNS Security Umbrella Services


Plymouth Meeting, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2015 -- Alura Business Solutions is an organization offering managed IT solutions and data center services for small to medium-sized businesses throughout the entire east coast. They are now offering enhanced security to all interested parties through their new OpenDNS Security Umbrella.

Alura Business Solutions was founded by CEO and President, Jason Derstine, under their core value, the "3S Principle." This principle is Service, Support and Solutions. The new OpenDNS Security Umbrella is another service and solution to network security. It complements the Fortune 100-level IT support throughout Montgomery County, PA and the rest of the East Coast offered throughout Alura Business Solutions' entire process that allows clients to know exactly what's going on at all times.

Through Alura's OpenDNS Security Umbrella, businesses can have full control over their internet access throughout their entire organization. Alura's OpenDNS Security Umbrella offers in-depth website filtering to control the internet sources that a business is exposed to on any given day. In addition to this, the system can be programmed with special filters to scan and protect e-mail and messaging.

File attachments are also no problem with Alura's OpenDNS Security Umbrella. Any file attachment originating from an unsafe or unrecognized source will immediately be quarantined and removed from the account in question. Through constant and consistent reporting, network administrators can isolate threats, identify their sources, and take appropriate action. This can range from eliminating malicious traffic, requests and files, to monitoring internet access and communications throughout an organization.

DNS Servers operate by correlating "domain names," like, with an "IP Address," a numeric code that is used to identify locations on the internet. Alura's OpenDNS Security Umbrella is able to quickly identify threats before they ever become an issue through a deep understanding of this intricate and complex system. Alura bolsters these defenses even more with a database that is constantly being updated and improved with the latest threats.

Individuals managing or owning small to medium-sized businesses can enjoy many more security features aside from Alura's OpenDNS Security Umbrella. This includes on and off-site network monitoring and maintenance as well as comprehensive mobile device management through their groundbreaking NetAlert and NetAudit features. Alura also assists businesses with installing and fully integrating both software-based and completely dedicated firewall systems. If that wasn't enough, Alura also offers cyber-security insurance, just in case. When it comes to digital security, Alura has several options for clientele to choose.

For more information on Alura Business Solutions or to look into implementing Alura's OpenDNS Security Umbrella or any other IT services in and around Montgomery County PA, please reach them by phone at 844.558.7200. In addition to this, Alura Business Solutions can be reached through e-mail with questions, concerns, comments and anything else at

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Alura Business Solutions presents a professional, leading-edge IT perspective to small businesses and mid-sized business. By offering extensive experience and technological expertise, the company is able to perform high-quality services for any system in use. Alura Business Solutions can meet the specific business objectives and goals given to them by their clients. As small-to-mid-sized businesses expand, they turn to Alura Business Solutions for exceptional support.

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