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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2015 -- Share Something New has set its targets on social media as part of its organic growth strategy, making it easier than ever for browsers of the site to share its videos, photos and stories with a simple click of a button on their social media profiles.

"We want to show people incredible things about the world around them," said Kishen Kumar, CEO of Share Something New. "It's a great way to pass a few hours learning—and we have also incorporated funny, weird and just downright interesting submissions that keep our users learning—and sharing."

With Facebook users increasingly more receptive to shared images and stories, many companies and power users are taking advantage of sharing interesting stories that generate organic interest—a trend that is increasingly being noticed by big business and is likely to become a strong advertising phenomenon in the coming years.

Share Something New, as its name suggests, aims to present a slightly different diet of information than the other social media sharing sites out there, with less of a reliance on list and more interest in unique stories that haven't been previously seen on other sharing sites, giving it a valuable niche in a market that is still very much in a period of growth.

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Share Something New is all about sharing and discovery. The company wants to create a portal where people can discover the world, a place where people can always learn something new without getting bored, where people can be the first to discover and receive the hottest viral topics on the internet. For more information, visit Share Something New's website.

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