Rising Interest Around NIPT in India

Rise in the number of high risk births alongwith increased affordability are expected to fuel interest in NIPT in India, says RNCOS.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2015 -- NIPT represents an untapped potential market of over US$ 400 Million in India. Interest in NIPT is so high that despite no official launches, there have been instances of patients sending their samples to be tested from foreign based NIPT players. Still, players have been wary of entering the untested market of Indian NIPT. Most of the apprehensions have been around the obstacles that they deem the market has. Our research reveals that despite its challenges, Indian NIPT market is raw with immense opportunities. If worked around intelligently, none of the barriers are too significant to overcome.

According to an in house survey conducted by RNCOS, 78% of the respondents comprising of obstetricians and gynecologists, favored NIPT tests and requested to be updated them. They went on to suggest that clinical validation of NIPT claims through trials on Indian patients could certainly help in this direction.

Holistically, the report "Emerging Indian NIPT Market", offers a stark depiction of macro-economic factors and healthcare infrastructure relevant in context to NIPT. Our study reveals that in India NIPT will be eagerly adopted by the booming IVF clinics who are witnessing a huge spurge in fertility tourism. Also, India is a home of rapidly expanding network of pathology labs. In order to differentiate themselves from competition, organized players in the Indian diagnostic services market are looking forward for adopting new tests like NIPT.

The report also includes the findings from RNCOS survey "Gynaecologists survey to assess the potential for NIPT in India". The survey was done between September-December 2013 with around 100 leading gynaecologists in India. The key findings reveal that currently the awareness level for NIPT is very low in India. But when made aware about the benefits of NIPT, all gynaecologists agreed that if launched tactfully, such a technology has a tremendous scope to revolutionize the prenatal diagnosis scenario in India.

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