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Playtime Piano Offering Online Registration for Home Piano Instruction


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Some parents might find themselves at a loss for how to accommodate their child's or children's schedules when so many extracurricular activities like sports or plays may be up to an hour's drive away. Parents looking for piano lessons in the Greater Baltimore metropolitan area, however, no longer have to worry about long drives. Playtime Piano offers home piano instruction, and students can register online for even more convenience.

Founded in 1997, Playtime Piano has been providing at-home piano instruction in the Greater Baltimore area. Home lessons save parents time because they no longer have to drive long distances to a piano lesson. With online registration, parents are also saved from the hassle of phone calls or mailing forms. The online registration form for lessons with Playtime Piano is simple and easy to fill out.

Once registered for lessons in Greater Baltimore, Howard County, or Anne Arundel County, students will hear back from Playtime Piano within 48 hours, and can begin taking piano lessons to reap a lifetime of benefits. All Playtime Piano instructors are skilled musicians who are screened for their ability to work well with children. These instructors are warm and encouraging, and their instruction helps students build skill, confidence and creativity. Playtime Piano also accommodates different family schedules.

In addition to lessons for children, Playtime Piano also offers lessons for adults, and Playtime Piano students are encouraged to participate in free recitals each spring with room for friends and family. For more information, call 410-654-9042 (for Baltimore/Howard Counties) or 443-985-6865 (for Anne Arundel County). Those interested can also visit the Playtime Piano website for more information or to register online.

About Playtime Piano
Since 1997, Scott McGowan and the instructors at Playtime Piano have brought fun, friendly piano lessons to the homes or over 2,000 students in the Greater Baltimore metropolitan area. Their at-home piano lessons are conveniently scheduled, and all instructors encourage creativity and originality in their students. Playtime Piano's students range in age from small children to senior citizens, proving that it's never too early or too late to start embracing one's musical abilities.

To learn more about Playtime Piano, read past student's enthusiastic testimonial or to register online, visit