Triangle Family Eye Care

Triangle Family Eye Care Brings Advanced Eye Care Tech to Morrisville

Dr. Hiten Prajapati: “TelScreen EyeRes Raises The Bar For Eye Imaging Technology.”


Morrisville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Triangle Family Eye Care, a Morrisville, NC optometric practice with a local reputation for excellent patient care and a forward thinking, High-Tech approach to eye care, has recently announced the addition of the revolutionary new TelScreen EyeRes Anterior Segment Camera.

This cutting-edge technology is used to take high resolution photos and videos of the front surface of the eye and eyelids, and uses a low-light capable, programmable sensor to capture great images without flash or background illumination. This allows for early and accurate detection of a number of potentially sight threatening eye conditions such as Anterior surface ocular tumors, corneal neovascularization, dry eye disease, bacterial, viral or allergic conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, and styes.

When asked why he chose the TelScreen EyeRes for the next innovative technology to bring to his office, Dr. Hiten Prajapati, Optometrist at Triangle Family Eye Care comments, "I used the EyeRes in another office and fell in love with the image resolution. The ease of taking photos, the opportunities for patient education, and excellent picture quality are all features that make this technology an outstanding addition to the office."

Expanding further on the theme of the opportunities for patient education afforded by the EyeRes, Dr. Prajapati adds, "Patients appreciate that the EyeRes allows for educational opportunities that are relevant to the current state of their eye health. For example, when someone sees a scar on their cornea or extra blood vessel growth from over wearing contacts, they appreciate seeing it for themselves and are a lot more likely to comply with our health care instructions and prevent further damage.

According to Dr. Prajapati, anyone who has a medically related red eye, history of non-compliance handling contact lenses or anyone being monitored for abnormal growth on the front surface of eye should have this imaging done to catch any abnormalities or developing eye conditions before significant damage is done. When asked about a particular situation in which he could recall the TelScreen EyeRes stood out in its ability to assist his patients, Dr. Prajapati responded:

"A new patient came in for a contact lens exam. She was not having any problems related to the contacts. When I looked at the cornea in each eye I saw multiple small white spots. I immediately knew it was related to her over wearing the contacts and sleeping in them when they were not prescribed to sleep in. I took several photos and showed her the damage she was causing to her eyes by over wearing her contact lenses and not allowing her eyes to receive enough oxygen. She was both amazed and frightened, and she vowed never to abuse contacts again. When I saw her for a 3 month check up, the white spots on her corneas were almost gone. The ability to show this young lady the damage she was doing to her own eyes may have saved her precious sense of sight."